Saturday, October 16, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Thank God for Barack Obama

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Thank God for Barack Obama: RightNetwork
Congress Is On to DOJ’s Keystone Kops Show: Adams
Busted: Conyers Rallies with Marxists for Democrat Support: NR

Public Enemy Number One: GOP donors: Malkin
Oh my: Fiorina now within one point of Boxer: Hot Air
Architect of Ruin Aims at Gunmakers: Cato

Weight of Taxation Is Heavier Than Most Know: RWN
Jim Geraghty Gives Us a Riddle: AT
Hinchey Loses Debate, Then Hits Reporter: WashExam


Chris Coons: Owned by Anti-American Interests: NR
Key Challenge to ObamaCare’s Constitutionality Advances: PJM
Maine Family Robinson: I Bought A House For $25K: RightNetwork

Barbara Boxer’s Sweet Casino Deal for her Son: Uncoverage
Company Retirees Losing Their Health Plans... Now: WashExam
Mitch Daniels: Hey, how about a VAT?: Hot Air

ObamaCare Buyer's Remorse Growing Fast: WashExam
I Sure Hope Blumenthal At Least Knows How To Apply For A Job: Ace
Two for Two!: GWP

Climate & Energy

Eco-fascist: Humans Destroying Climate for 10,000 Years: BlogProf
Obama promised to destroy the coal industry--now he makes good on that promise: GWP


Left/Right Consensus: Harry Reid Has Lost It: Toldjah
They Ignored Us: Power Line
Stunningly, CBS Can't Find an 'Independent' Voter Who Likes the Tea Party: NewsBusters

Reid: 'I Never Said Iraq War Was Lost,' Angle is a "Liar": PunPre
Forget Donating to the Chamber of Commerce: Malkin
"Every Democrat elected to the House of Representatives will vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker": GrandOldPartisan

Obama Loses Students, Gets Snippy: RWN
Arrest warrant filed for Rahm's Chicago press thug: AT


A Metric for Muslim Moderation: AT
Heroism in Afghanistan less known than heroism in Chile: North
Prosecutors of Dutch MP Geert Wilders Ask Court To Acquit on All Charges: PJM

How to Really Reform the U.N.: AT
Contest: Guess Which One Is Ahmadinejad's Wife: LegalIns
Islamists Kill Pregnant Woman & Children For Protesting Public Beatings: GWP


Father of CSS plans for Web publishing future: CNet
EMC stock rises on Oracle buyout rumor: NetWorld
'Eureka moments' and other myths about tech innovation: CNN


The Pamela Geller Interview: RWN
Praise the Blogger and Pass the Ammunition!: CFB

Voting Early and Often in Chicago: MOTUS
Of Cannibals, Crowbars, and Cocktails: AT
Chinese martial arts experts refuse to wed until men can beat them in a fight : Metro UK

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