Thursday, October 28, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Exclusive --- Exposing the Real Joe Miller

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Exclusive: Exposing The Real Joe Miller: Riehl
DNC asks Pentagon for opposition research: Con4Palin
Jay Cost lays down the awesome card: Ace

The Left's Voter Fraud Whitewash: Malkin
Your Midterm Mandate Is Clear, Republicans: Stop Obama: PJM
Scott Sipprelle invades the homeland: TigerHawk

Californians: Vote a straight Republican ticket: RWN
'The GOP is racist because Dems vote against them': Ace
NYC Chips Away at Second Amendment: RWN

DNC Internal Polling: O'Donnell Edges Ahead!: WZ
Hey, this poll showing Bielat with MoE of Frank gives me...: Ace
Coinkadink: Harry Reid's son oversees NV voting machines: GWP


The Republic of Paperwork: Driscoll
Public employee unions funnel public money to Dems: Barone
What is the U.S. Post Office?: BlogProf

Democrat Gets Booed for Blaming Bush-- In Massachusetts!: PunPre
ACORN’s Get-Out-The-Vote Operative Under State Felony Charges: RWN
FDIC Probes Further into ShoreBank: FoxBusiness

Climate & Energy

Californians must vote Yes on Prop 23 to avoid economic armageddon: AT


NPR’s Vivian Schiller Part of Liberal Bid to Nationalize Media: RWN
Focus on the Achilles Heel of Public Broadcasting: AT
A Martingale Sang in Maiden Lane: Belmont Club

L’Etat Radio, C’est Moi: GrandRants
Even the Politico admits it: Democrats fail bigtime on economy: RWN
Rally to Restore Sanity??: Diogenes

Shhh—Nobody Tell MSNBC: Driscoll
Too Expert to Fail: AT
Heh: Sharron Angle sends Behar flowers: Malkin


Offensive Jihad: The One Incontrovertible Problem with Islam: PJM (Ibrahim)
Happy Little Iran, Happily Spreading the Tools of Terror: JOdysseus
Countries, people, around the world attacked by the Islamic Republic of Iran (and CAIR's spin): TFTGoMAM


BitDefender Launches Beta of Facebook Privacy App: PCMag
Barry O, He Go: the Cargo Cult Presidency of Barack Obama: Zombie
Firesheep Exposes the Soft Underbelly of Website Security: LinuxInsider


Holy Card! Nuns Auctioning Rare Honus Wagner: Fox
Best Campaign Mailer Ever!: RWN
Exclusive: my brother asks a question of the panel at Blizzcon: Ace

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

great links and a great day.

soon, a little justice dealt to the unethical Democratic Party.

the Tigerhawk link is mighty fine, thanks to LL.

however, one must go 'uhhhgghh' to the Reihl insanity - a truly unhinged folly on our side. LGF has more credibility these days.

this is a very disturbed person who actually claimed one of the Powerliners wrote to address Huckabee's ugly play on Conservatives recently, was bought and paid for by Karl Rove!

it is all a conspiracy for this one in need of sincere professional help - maybe some should send the link below to Larwyn.

it is sad, but reality.

"UnRiehl World View"