Sunday, October 31, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Obama DOJ denies military vote, blames GOP

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Obama DOJ denies military vote, blames GOP: RWN
We Must Take the House to Stop the Corruption: GWP
The Demise of One Man, One Vote: AT

Defining Sanity Down: AmSpec
Evidence of an addiction: Powers
Watching out for vote fraud in 2010: CoaCR

Cargo plane bomb plot 'seconds from Lockerbie II': Wizbang
Two new crimes in the name of Alan Grayson: RWN
MI Dems attack for straying off the liberal plantation: BlogProf


A Coming Government Shutdown?: Blumer
Reich to businesses: stay away from Tea Party... or else: RWN
The New Deal Myth: AT

How Boxer's Son Made $8M from a Defunct Indian Tribe: WZ
Jan Schakowsky's husband wrote ObamaCare while in jail: AT
Piven: Obama 'Has Done Good Things Under The Radar': WZ

Climate & Energy

The UN “Biodiversity” Fictional Creature Extinction Poll: CBullitt
Climate Ethics Prof. Donald Brown Exposed: Depot
Climate skepticism is a 'crime wave against humanity': PSU


Riding the Peace Train: Driscoll
Napolitano Doing Best to Protect America and Promote MSNBC’s New Slogan, Not Necessarily in That Order: Powers
So, How Much Sanity Was There in D.C. Yesterday?: PJM

The Inexplicables: Hanson
Palin rips Murkowski, says “hired guns threatened” talk show host: Hot Air
On Texas Poll Watchers Standing Behind Voters: Rhymes

Right vs. Wrong: Atlas
Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear: AmPower
NPR’s carefully crafted tales — and why I don’t listen any more: RWN


Stunning: AT
Al Qaeda: Singling out the Jews: Greenroom
Syria Continues to Stonewall the IAEA: AT

IMAX Going on a Journey to Mecca: WZ
UNICEF: Trick or Treat for Abortion: RWN
US Offer of Aircraft Carrier to UK For Use in 2012 Olympics Security – REJECTED: WZ

Deep Thoughts from Professor Mearshimer: AT
The Myths of Islam: Jawa
'Obama unlikely to last his first term': PressTV (Iran)


Report: Israel orders million-dollar armored Audi A8: Autoblog
Movie Director Claims He’s Uncovered a Time Traveler: iOTW
The Perfect Storm: October 1991 : NOAA


Devil With the Blue Dress: iOTW
RIP Pontiac: Ace
I Love the Smell of Chaos in the Morning: JWF

Attack Ads, Circa 1800: Ace
Happy Halloween: JWF
Marines show UFC fighters what real warriors are: Greenroom

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