Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stop-Action Photos: MoveOn Activist Attacked Rand Paul, Jamming a Protest Sign into His Head Twice Before Being Forcibly Restrained

RedState has an exclusive video that conclusively captures the attack on Rand Paul by MoveOn activist Lauren Valle.

The following stop-action photos demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that: (a) Valle's account was a complete fabrication; (b) she easily might have been charged with assault; and (c) had she tried doing so with a Secret Service detail, she could have ended up dead.

Here is a photographic sequence, thankfully not Zapruder-esque in outcome, that depicts Valle's bizarre behavior.

Paul's SUV pulls up to the crowd.

Paul is seated in the front right passenger seat and his window is rolled down.

Wearing a disguise, Valle (in red and wearing a blond wig) runs toward Paul carrying one or more signs.

The sign goes into Paul's window.

An observant Paul supporter rushes the woman while she jams the sign in Paul's face.

Before being restrained, the sign is flipped and she again tries to push the sign into Paul's face.

She's pushed away.

Here's the same sequence in a tighter camera angle.

You can clearly see that the paid leftist twice jammed her sign into Paul's face, which likely qualifies as assault.

Paul is seen here, moments later, closing his car window. the video clearly demonstrates, Valle was there to do more than simply “hold a sign,” and Paul supporters were not reacting to a mere dislike of her message.

As we noted at the beginning of the article, none of that is any excuse, nor even mitigating circumstances, when it comes to Profitt stomping on Valle’s head.

However, what it does demonstrate is that the idea that Valle was the victim of an angry mob who simply “didn’t like her message” is demonstrably false. The idea that Rand Paul’s supporters are a rabid single-minded, conspiratorial crew is also demonstrably false.

So please, condemn head-stomping. Condemn violence. But don’t let the media and the left create a fiction of violent mobs of right-wingers. They’ve been pitching that line since the health care town hall meetings last summer. It has yet to be true.

I wonder what would have happened if some right-wing extremist had tried shoving a "Change" sign into the face of either Obama, Pelosi or Reid?

Somehow I don't think the left or the right would defend that behavior. But that's the difference between the two sides of the political spectrum.

When it comes to the left, the end always justifies the means.

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Anonymous said...



No wonder why his supporters were so upset.

Now, FOX Reporter - Democrat named Shep Smith may have to change his story. He was really emotional, saying repeatedly this guy (who foolishly stepped on this MOVE ON ACTIVIST), was stepping on her head. I never could see this, just his foolish stepping and pushing down on her shoulder. But SHEP wanted to say repeatedly he stepped on her head.

The act was simply ugly, and he should not have stepped on anyone like this. We have to do better on the Conservative side, because that kind of nonsense is EXACTLY what she was hoping for - exactly what Democrats want.

Just like running easy to prey upon stereotypes. WE simply cannot give Democrats anything.

LET's give NANCY her pink slip as SPEAKER !

Yabba Dabba baby...

DNC TITANIC is sinking us all, but we can jump ship this NOV with a big start - empower the GOP Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

Yep. He didn't "stomp on Valle's head." He put his foot on her shoulder and pushed down and held it there for a second or two.

Which is why you generally want your security people to be professionals, not volunteer campaign workers.

Anonymous said...

Poor Poor Shep Smith is soooo upset this poor poor girl got tossed. It's all pretty pathetic..

Rorschach said...

Her head was not stomped. He put his foot on her shoulder and then pushed down as if to say "stay down, don't make me hurt you". then someone off camera told him to lay off and he did

That she was stomped is another complete fabrication.