Sunday, October 17, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Therapist-in-Chief explains our 'inability to think clearly'

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Therapist-in-Chief explains our 'inability to think clearly': Pundette
Socialism Is Theft: AT (Lewis)
Constitutionality: O’Donnell Is Right, Coons Is Wrong: PJM

Whore is as Whore Does; NOW is over: Anchoress
Latino Tea Partiers: Instapundit
Palin Rallies GOP at 'Victory 2010' in Anaheim: AmPower


Guess Who’s Behind Obama’s Attack On The Chamber: AmGlob
Home Depot Co-Founder Langone Blisters Democrats: NiceDeb
10 Reasons Americans Will Be Squeezed Dry: DayMark

The Selling of Obamacare and Union Collusion: Virtuous
Foreclosure-gate: Cloward, Piven and the President: Blumer
Drug lobby sticks with Dems through hard times: WashExam

The Value-Added Tax: Ace
Pelosi’s Website Claims She 'Cut Bush Deficit By More Than Half': GWP
The Unions, the Trial Lawyers, and Mr. Chekhov: AT

Climate & Energy

Global Warming will destroy our cities!: RWN


Anti-Obama Billboard Removed After Leftist Threats…: WZ
Genius! Old Spice Parody Ad from Joe Miller in Alaska: CaffThoughts
An Interview With AmGlob

Jackwagons of the Left can't tolerate free speech for all: Tapscott
Why the New York Times, ABC, CBS and PBS are doomed: sisu
Report: Obama will hang onto his impeachment insurance: Pundette

Response to Jonathan Chait on the Morality of Wealth and Poverty: Verum
Maureen Dowd confirms what we already knew: Riehl
The Problem With Government Schools: AT


Tolerance of Shariah leads to intolerance of free speech: West
Indonesia: Sword-Wielding Muslim Hardliners Attack Puppet Show…: WZ
Afghanistan's dirty little secret: SFGate

Moderate Muslims Crave New Holocaust For Jews At Their Hand: BlogProf
German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Multi-Culturalism Has Failed: GWP
Blast at Iranian missile site kills 18 Rev Guards: AT


The Zel Custom .50 Rifle: Instapundit
How American industry aided the Chilean rescue: Tapscott
Environmentally Correct Cars Eaten by... Rabbits: RWN


HMS Hope N' Change -- the Musical: Primordial Slack
Bacon Bits: iOTW
Bicycle Skill: Wimp

She’s So Got What it Takes: A Little Happy Talk, Please.: MOTUS
You Won't Sass Me Like This When I Can Summon Wolves: Ace
Jerry Brown Flashback--Solution to Immigration--'Slow Down the Process of Modernization in Mexico': Verum

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QOTD: "You voted for Obama to prove you're not a racist. Now, who are you going to vote for to prove you're not an idiot?" --Commenter at NBC-11

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