Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good News, Californians: Jerry Brown Thinks You've Got Enough Extra Money to Fund Free College Tuition for Illegal Aliens!

California's debt has tripled in the last seven years alone and the state now must pay $5.5 billion annually in interest payments.

The operating budget is running roughly $20 billion a year in the red.

And its pension system has more than a half a trillion in unfunded obligations, which even the left-leaning Los Angeles Times calls a "fiscal time bomb."

Now given that backdrop, consider gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown's promise to pay for free college education... for illegal aliens.

Those of you considering voting for Brown in the California gubernatorial election need to consider this.

"We have enough wealth to continue to have a great university and get every kid into this school that can qualify. Now when I say every young man and young woman, I mean everyone – whether they are documented or not. If they went to school, they ought to be here."

Brown is a fool. California has enough problems already. Hopefully this stupidity will cost him the election.

Anyone who votes for Brown's wealth redistribution insanity deserves their fate.

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