Saturday, October 16, 2010

Obama's Prediction


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile his wife is breaking voting laws?

Next Democrats will be campaigning in the Voting Booths.

We certainly know they know how to manipulate the vote counts after the fact.

The thing that is concerning, after we get some GOP influence back in the Congress, many are going to play the "Democrats are not all like Obama - Pelosi - Reid" routine.

They are going to push the Clinton Folly again, desperately seeking anything.

We got another Carter Malaise on our hands, can we finally remember the Democratic Party is a complete and utter disaster?

No more playing games with the folly.

Priorities are essential...

1. Defeat this Disastrous Democratic Partisan Suicidal Nightmare - for good.

2. Put a stop - check to the Democratic Partisan madness.

3. Then work to reduce the RINO influence to nothing - zip - nada.

4. Make certain we have Overturned the horrid Democratic Party folly in total.



Picky said...

Thanks, Doug! I am SO using this on my FB profile!