Friday, October 22, 2010

In Alaska, Lisa Murkowsciecz Picks Up Another Coveted Endorsement

Looks like another dead guy endorsed Lisa Mankowitz in Alaska. Not sure who this person is, but does it really matter?

Support Joe Miller for U.S. Senate. He's the real deal.


Anonymous said...

YEP, Joe looks better, except he has many flaws as well:
"For example, Miller apparently has said that his family of eight children received low-income medical benefits, even though he has criticized Murkowski for supporting such benefits. It has also been reported that Miller and his wife obtained state low-income hunting and fishing licenses after he took out a mortgage and started a $70,000 a year job."

Also See:
"Miller vows silence on questions about personal background"

Murkowski would not be a problem without the ugly offerings from many on Our own side. Especially some of the garbage the Tea Party Express or the Palin Franchise.

It is a healthy reminder, just how imperfect Identity Movements can be, as they tend to inflate and hype - when we all know no one is a perfect Ideal.

The Tea Party Protests were so positive, but the Tea Party Express has not yet produced a healthy constructive effort in so many areas. The Candidates they have promoted, for a large part, have real weaknesses. Rubio is a fine example of the best we can hope for and should work for - but the O'Donnell folly basically enabled the very worse, the Democratic Party.

We all hope Miller closes the deal - certainly he should. Murkowski's write in campaign should be weak. But we didn't need LEARNING EXPEDITIONS at a time when we needed to check the power of the Democratic Party. WE should be all in, with the strongest effort possible. Yet, the TEA Party Express seems shaped with some of the fashion which is not focused on a more sound strategic offering - seeing the GOP as more of a priority at this time.

At least they are not supporting the Democrat Walter Minnick anymore...

That is progress.

Anonymous said...

That is one ugly-ass woman