Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seriously--St. Louis Post-Dispatch Endorses Democrats Alex 'The Mob Banker' Giannoulias and Incumbent IL Gov. Quinn 'With Fingers Crossed'

Say, maybe this is why the legacy media is hemorrhaging readers faster than Internet Explorer picks up viruses.

The Post-Dispatch, one of the whackiest, far left publications you will ever read, just endorsed Alexi 'The Mob Banker' Giannoulias (D) for U.S. Senate and incumbent Pat Quinn (D) for governor. No, I'm not kidding.

Alexi Giannoulias is the choice for Senate because he understands the existential threat caused by the reality that 20 percent of Americans control nearly half of the nation's earned income and 84 percent of all forms of wealth... "Income inequality has been the cause of the downfall of every great nation," he said.

The Senate is a place where those inequalities can begin to be reversed, through tax policies, job creation and public spending on infrastructure and education.

Really? What level of wealth redistribution is right? Why look at the top 20%? Why not the top 50%? And we can simply steal redistribute wealth from the top half to the bottom? Level the playing field, so to speak.

What kind of masterminds could figure out the proper way to redistribute the nation's wealth? The kind running the Post-Dispatch, of course!

By the way, isn't this nonsensical Marxist class warfare rhetoric brilliant?

Are Democrat billionaires Gates and Buffett enemies of society? Even though they've spawned hundreds of thousands -- perhaps millions of jobs? Amazing how a few left-wing journalist majors are now the world's most brilliant economic minds, able to plan the entire economy from their perches in St. Louis. Never mind that they can't even keep their own newspaper solvent!

In the governor's race, one issue matters more than all the others combined: How to close a budget deficit of $13 billion without profound repercussions to essential state services... Mr. Quinn, 61, inherited the mess after succeeding to the governor's office after Mr. Blagojevich's impeachment. He had the courage to say that a permanent budget fix means tax increases. He finally began to confront, albeit tepidly, the state's out-of-control pension costs.

He wound up patching and borrowing, the same kick-the-can-down-the-road policies that brought Illinois to its parlous state... Mr. Quinn is a man whose heart is the right place. But he'll need some steel in his spine to build a coalition that can solve the huge budget crisis. On his heart, and on the chance he'll find more spine, we recommend Pat Quinn for governor.

Oh my: what a gutsy policy prescription -- pray that Democrats will find the spine to raise taxes, Michigan-style. One hopes that the fine people of Chicago will reject this nonsense once and for all.

Otherwise, they can plan for a reprise of Detroit.


Anonymous said...

I live in St. Louis and wouldn't line my bird's cage with the Post-Dispatch. It has been reliably Democrat/socialist since I can remember. While I hate to see anyone in this day lose their job, I wouldn't care if the paper went's NOT good for St. Louis, not good for the country, and yes, it's just another MSM loser paper that should be thrown on the scrapheap of history.

Anonymous said...


What a nightmare...

Why is anyone buying the Post-Dispatch anymore?

A clear case of a nightmarish Democratic Partisan takeover of a once fine publication.

Why not just endorse HUGO type Communism for us all?

Go big, and get it over with.

The Dispatch, like all Democrats, should be out telling us how they want Obama for a life long Dictatorship, with the criminalization of all who oppose them.

Obama is already saying, his 'progress, science, brilliance' is being threatened by an ignorant American Public who just doesn't understand.

Seems the likes of the Post-Dispatch shares this type of disdain for the USA.


Jeanne Patterson said...

Are they sure they weren't doing something else with their fingers?

Or perhaps they were making the sign of the cross to like keep vampires like Giannoulias & Quinn away?

Or why didn't they say "We hold our noses"?

Are you sure this isn't The Onion? Or can it be that the Philadelphia Inquirer is NOT the worst newspaper on God's green earth?