Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: The Dept. of Interior--Now Facilitating Illegal Immigration!

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The Department of Interior -- Now Facilitating Illegal Immigration!: GWP
Canada’s lax border: Sharron Angle is right: Malkin
Senate Republicans May Not Try to Repeal Obamacare!?!: RedState

Report: Coons sued 3 times in '07 for political retaliation: Glob
Schakowsky mum on flotilla terrorists: GWP
Devil 30%, Daniel Webster 46%: Patterico

Hmm: Fiorina, Whitman Leading in CA?: JWF
14 States Move to Deny Citizenship to 'Anchor Babies': WZ
Absurd: 10,000 DC kids eat three meals at school: Pundette


The Liberal Elite and Black Intellectual Serfdom: AT
Aggregate-demand-goosing, the Obama way: Fausta
Your Tax Dollars Funding Leftist Propaganda: RWN

Social Justice and Fair Taxes: AT
Nonunion Workers at Boeing Get Shafted by ObamaCare: Moonbattery
Stimulus-funded weatherization, the Chicago way: Pundette

Climate & Energy

Climatism: A Remarkably Flexible Ideology: AT
Climategate and the American Physical Society: PJM
California's Green Jobs Meltdown: PJM


Hoisted Upon Their Own Retard: iOTW
Amber Alert Issued for ‘By Their Creator’: Malkin
What The Liberal Culture Has Brought Us: RWN

George Soros’ Millions Buying ‘Political Reporters’ For NPR: RWN
Christine O'Donnell: 'Separation of Church and State' Not in Constitution, MSNBC Shocked, Angered: NewsBusters
Dingy Harry: Obama Like a Chilean Miner or Something: JWF


Afghanistan: American Troop Morale Plummets: "They Won’t Let us Fight": WZ
Barbara Boxer Won’t Provide Copy of Fallujah Letter to Military Mom: GWP
As Secure As Its Ever Been: Mexican hit men stalk U.S.: Times

Comrade Obama Has No Objection to Venezuela Building Nuclear Power Plants: WZ
Oy: Conyers Calls for 'Department of Peace': RWN
Russia: Al-Qaeda Suicide Bombers Storm Chechen Parliament, 6 Killed: WZ

'Anna Chapman Has Done More to Excite Russian Patriotism Than the Russian Soccer Team' : JWF
PBOC’s ‘Vicious Cycle’ Worsened by Fed, Yu Says: China Credit: BizWeek


Cyberwar Declared on Iran: Timmerman
Compromise turns Kaspersky site into malware hub: Register
Rare Earth Metals Become Rarer: LegalIns


Obama Commissions New Aircraft Carrier: iOTW
The United Monster Talent Agency: RWN
10 Hilarious Lawyer Commercials: Asylum

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