Thursday, October 21, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: All the President's Radical Women

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Extreme Girls: All the president’s radical women: Malkin
HHS Attacks Employers for Exposing ObamaCare's Ugly Reality: GL
Report: Steny Hoyer Knuckle-Punched GOP Opponent: GWP

Obama To Buy ‘Indian Vote’ For $680M: S&L
NAACP Says Tea Party Is 'Racist'--Soils Itself Again: Joshua
Fiorina, Whitman leading in California?: Hot Air

Chris Coons Punished Public Employees for Political Views: RWN
Decrees of Separation: IBD
'Only Thing I've Shipped Overseas Is Me & My Paratroopers': Ace

Dems pull support from Grayson, 12 other losers: GWP
Obama Edits the Declaration of Indpendence: AT
Stick a Fork in Conway: Liberal Media Attacking Dem: GWP


The War Against Capitalism: GrandRants
Will November be the death knell for big labor unions?: WashExam
Price of Obamunism So Far: $3,000,000,000,000: RWN

Krugman's Latest Brain-Fart: AT
Thank you, Obamacare: Our premiums are going up 45%: Pundette
CNN confirms: health care costs to rise 14%: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Will GOP Go After EPA And Lisa Jackson?: RWN


Juan Williams Commits the Ultimate Kinsleyesque Gaffe: Driscoll
And On O'Donnell's Flub: WaPo Reporter Ben Evans Simply Lied.: Ace
Maoist Hollywood Propaganda and the Attack on Conservative America: NoisyRoom

Screw Free Speech, NPR Fires Juan Williams for Muslim Remarks: BigJournalism
Dupes -- and Traitors: AT
Sold-Out Crowd Gives Former President Bush Three Standing Ovations During Speech: Tyler

Everyone's disintermediating the gateway media now: sisu
The Billboard That Steve Driehaus Doesn't Want You to See: RWN
Fish Wrap Offers Pre-Halloween Story About Scary Secretive GOP Donors: RWN


The Welfare State, RIP: Project Syndicate
Terrific: Jihadi all-star Anwar al-Awlaki had lunch at Pentagon shortly after 9/11: Hot Air
Obama’s U.N. ‘Engagement’ Swindle: NRO

Gone With the Wind: Belmont Club
UK Will Cut 1/2 Million Government Jobs: S&L
Ahmadinejad: Promise of God Is “The Enemies of Our Nations Will Go One Day”: GWP


The militarization of the Internet: Susan Crawford
Predator Software Pirated?: Schneier
Zoho: Microsoft's Closed Approach Will Sink Its Cloud Ambitions: Insider


65 Random Thoughts Everyone Has Had: ManCouch
Nitro Detonation in Slow-Mo: Ace
The NFL jumps the shark: Moran

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