Saturday, October 23, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Beautiful--Illegal Aliens Canvas for Democrats in Washington State

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Illegal Aliens Canvas for Democrats in Washington State: GWP
Latinos Go Conservative: PJM
A Desperate Raul Grijalva Panics: RWN

WaPo Confirms: Racial Politics Played in Panther Case: Verum Serum
Election Fraud and Eric Holder: PJM
Dems Playing Soviet-Style Insanity Card: PJM Surber Is Right: Surber
How the Constitution is Read: AT
Is the Tea Party as Racist as Democrats?: RWN


Five Freedoms You'll Lose With ObamaCare: Adrienne
Feds Deciding When Health Care Costs Too Much: RWN
What Are They Teaching Our Best and Brightest?: AT

Figures: SEIU offshoot had 6,000 bogus voter registrations: GWP
America at Debt's Door: A Primer: AT
Obama Stagehand Sent Home for Wearing Bush Shirt: Powers

Krauthammer, on Obama’s Condescension: BizzyBlog
Are Europe and America Trading Places?: AT
Lawrence Kotlikoff - Actions of Fed, Treasury Are Child Abuse: ZH


Free the Taxpayers: Defund State-Run Media: Malkin
Limbaugh announces 'Reverse Operation Chaos': Driscoll
Glenn Greenwald of Salon – Add Him To the Ever Growing Asshat List: iOTW

Juan Williams, Mugged by Reality: Driscoll
First Campaign Ad of 2012?: Hot Air
An Airplane! Ad Against Barbara Boxer: Patterico

The David Horowitz Interview: RWN
Thanks, NPR. We Get the Message: GrandRants
Juan Williams: I used to think the right was the intolerant side: Hot Air


New York Times: Cheerleader for the Death Cult: AT
Former Chairman of Joint Chiefs: President Clinton Lost Launch Codes, With One Glaring Exception of Course: Powers
Abandoning our Closest Allies: FPM

Iraq war report leaks detail 'bloodbath': Maktoob
Teleprompter Heads to India: SHN
Taliban: British Muslims Our Greatest Source of Funding: Undhimmi

Obama and the Axis of Chavez: PJM
Forty Million Losers: AT
Least Shocking Study Results Of The Day: Muslim Treatment Of Women Stinks: RWN


Report: China hijacked U.S. Internet data: CNet
The Escalation Begins: Potluck
4 Baby Deaths Spur Graco Stroller Recall: WebMD


The Florist Who Performed Heart Surgery: iOTW
How to Make Winning Dice: C&S
The Obama Card: Don't Leave Home Without It: Cubachi

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