Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: ObamaCare and the Constitutional Crisis

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ObamaCare and the Constitutional Crisis: AT
Fool Us Hispanics Once, Mr. President: PJM (Salcedo)
Democrat John Hickenlooper: Colorado’s George Soros mini-me: Malkin

Stomper Condemned, then Banned by Rand Campaign: RSM
California Nightmare-in': AT
9th Circuit overturns AZ proof-of-citizenship voting rule: Malkin

Harry Reid's October Surprise: RWN
Boxer’s Campaign Co-Chair Feinstein Admits Outlook is Bleak: GWP
Florida’s Character Assassins and Allen West: RedState


Did the DNC Get an Illegal Campaign Loan from BofA?: PJM
Paul Krugman's Jihad: AT
Statement on the Kotok Plagiarism: Gonzalo Lira

'N.J. Dems In Crisis Mode' -- Christie's Cap On Public Worker Raises: Ace
O’Keefe video shows teachers bragging about tenure rules: Caller
For Democrats, Math Is Hard. So Is The Truth: RWN

Climate & Energy

Why Are Republicans Climate Skeptics?: RWN


Looking for Racism (in All the Wrong Places): AT
The Great Divider — or ‘Elections Have Consequences’: Hanson
Paul Supporter to Court, Gladney Still Seeks Justice: Riehl

Comedy Gold – Gibbs: “That Car In The Ditch Has An Obama Bumper Sticker On It.”: WZ
Why Do Jews Vote for Their Enemies?: AT (Lewis)
Democrats Release Disgusting Anti-Catholic Ad For Final Election Push: GWP

The Left’s Pre-Emptive Excuse-Making: RSM
The Spew: Joy Behar adds another conservative “bitch” to her hate list: Malkin
Thanks Joy! Sharron Angle Raised $137K Today After Being Called a “Bitch” on The View: WZ

Obama Accidentally Gets Something Right: RWN
Savage’s Trickle Up Poverty is Essential Reading: Dakota Voice
This Reporter Has a Nose for News!: Patterico


If Iran Gets the Bomb: Totten
Civil Rights Suit Filed by Muslim Trucker – Claims He Was Fired For Not Hauling Miller Lite: WZ
Jimmy Carter: Liar Extraordinaire: RWN

UN Official: Security Council Could Unilaterally Declare a Palestinian State: WZ


Analyzing a Progressive: RightNetwork
Voting System Pwned by Michigan Wolverines: Wired
SEIU Members are the Technicians for our Voting Machines = Election Fraud: W.C. Varones

Ditch Your Prius for a Volkswagen TDI: RightNetwork
Judge slaps Lime Wire with permanent injunction: CNet
The War Against Dope is Over. The Dopes Won.: RightNetwork


What's Real Today?: C&S
Add Tattoo Artists To The List Of People You Don’t Want Angry At You: RWN
Everything That's Wrong With U.S. Schools: Ace

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Anonymous said...

Great links, you missed one, which maybe some fine Conservative Blogger can highlight.

Did you see this enormous waste?

The Clinton - Obama State Department calls it:
"smART Power"

Do you notice the Democrats are all crying foul of sending jobs overseas? Well in this case, they increased the State Department's Cultural Affairs Budget by 40% since 2009, to send their select ARTISTS (who will all have a certain political philosophy) overseas to be DIPLOMATS!

This is NPRism via the State Department, using taxpayer funds to build things for 'overseas'. What a brilliant idea hey, send anti-US Artists overseas to spend taxpayer funds on projects to aid other Nations? To bundle millions of Taxpayer funds to buy votes in the ARTS Community, and fatten the budgets of certain ART Institutions?

"One artist who Ms. Block said might put in a proposal is Judi Werthein. Born in Argentina and based in Brooklyn, Ms. Werthein received threats from anti-immigration groups after an art project she did in Mexico in 2005, in which she created special sneakers and distributed them to people in Tijuana who were planning to cross the border into the United States. Each pair was equipped with a compass, flashlight, painkillers and insoles printed with maps of the border area.

Ms. Werthein said she thought that smART Power sounded like a great idea.

“I think it’s very important for American artists to travel abroad, to get a different view of the world — it’s really essential,” she said.

But when asked if she thought that the program had the potential to change the image of the United States, she said no.

“American image in the world will change through policy and politics,” she said.

“Believing that we’re going to leave this image,” she continued, “and it’s going to make them happy, and we’ll look good, it’s underestimating their intellect.”

Another artist who has worked abroad, Paul Pfeiffer, said he thought the program had the potential to change people’s views of the United States, but only if the artists were given sufficient freedom.

The best projects aren’t “necessarily going to take the most obvious form that somebody in the State Department might imagine,” he said.

He noted that in his own experience working abroad, it was also important to be able to convince people that he spoke and acted for himself, not for the United States government. Particularly as a Fulbright fellow in the Philippines, he had to tell people over and over that he wasn’t “officially a diplomat of the U.S.,” he said, “just for people to be able to trust that a really straightforward and mutual conversation could happen."

Anonymous said...

HEY, here is another, getting a REPUBLICAN in Princeton, NJ?

Shocking potential, but it is a remote possibility.

"Scott Sipprelle invades the homeland "