Friday, October 29, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: We Join the Democrat Civil War Already in Progress

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We Join the Democrat Civil War Already in Progress: HillBuzz
The Democrats' Final Recourse: Massive Vote Fraud: AT
2/3 of Voters See Charlie Crist as Turncoat Opportunist: GWP

Rejecting Democrats in 2010: AT
Clinton tried to get Meek out of FL-SEN race.: RedState
Those ill-informed, extremist, violent Democrat politicans: RWN

Dem Offers Voters Free Concert For Registration Card: NiceDeb
Boxer campaign breaks law, soliciting LA students to help: PJM
Report: DOJ Chief misled commission on Panther case: PJM


Obama: I "Prevented the Second Great Depression": PunPre
Bank of America = Bank of Democrat America?: Malkin
The Faster Government Moves, The Slower America Goes: RWN

HR Policy Keeps Convicted Employees on the Payroll: ChiLect
Buffalo Teachers Spent $9M on Cosmetic Surgery in '09: SHN

Climate & Energy

It doesn't get any warmist-crazier than this: CBullitt
Enviroweenies Want To Control Land And Sea Through ‘Biodiversity’: RWN
“Avatar” Sequels Promise To Recruit More Eco-Terrorists: RWN


The Gawker smear machine: A refresher course; Update: O’Donnell responds: Malkin
Thank Democrat Ambition For Giving The Win To O’Donnell In Delaware: RedState
Not Buying The Crocodile Tears From Gawker's Enablers: LegalIns

You Just Might Be a Marxist: PJM
Soros, the Media and Collapse of the Left: AT
New Obama Bio Goes Comically Awry: Cashill

Leaked Memo Shows Sean Bielet in Dead Heat with Barney Frank: GWP


Saudi Prince Alwaleed Says “Move the Ground Zero Mosque”: RWN
Sixty-Five Years of Circling the Drain: Happy Birthday, UN!: PJM
Poll: 73% of Palestinians Under Age of 30 Want to Live Under Sharia Law, Only 2.3% Says U.S. Best Ally: WZ

That Gangsta-Phobe Ibrahim Hooper of C.A.I.R.: GM's Place
Just Like Old Times… Obama to Attend Mosque in Indonesia: GWP
Wedding video filmed at luxury Maldives resort shows western couple mocked as ‘infidels’: WZ


'Liberal' gene discovered by scientists: LegalIns
Many Employees Attempt To Use Web Inappropriately, Study Finds: DarkReading
FCC, Verizon settle over mystery charges: CNet


One Afternoon In the Office of the Most Powerful Man On Earth: IowaHawk
A Robot Theater Presentation: Arguing With Lefties: NiceDeb
Separated at Birth?: WZ

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Regarding the link about Obama's lie of stopping the 2nd GREAT DEPRESSION - seems like he almost caused it instead.

However, in this same regard, today they broke into the news with a DESPERATE Obama press update over the latest "man made disaster" threat, with Obama saying "i", "i", "i", trying to take credit for the latest TERRORIST bust.

Funny, Obama and his Administration tried to tell us the Muslim Radical Terrorism wasn't real, it was merely a political tool exploited by Republicans.

Also, Democratic Partisans claimed that once we got rid of GW, and elected a Democrat, the world would love us, and Terrorism would simply go away - PEACE would cover the world.

With these Democrats, this actually sounds a little manufactured. Not the terrorist threat, just that he was not surprisingly at the White HOUSE today for this press conference. Not a shock, to see Obama make note of this latest Terrorist effort being investigated, when it took him WEEKS to address it when a bomber tried to blow up a plane over Christmas.

This is how pathetic Democrats have become, utterly untrustworthy. I bet MILLIONS today are curious if there is a connection between this Obama Press brief, and the Elections, over a subject which Democrats said was a mere law enforcement matter.