Monday, October 18, 2010

Reason #708 to Vote Republican In November

Backstory: Pelosi's Children and Grandchildren Used Military Jets As Cross-Country Shuttle Service So They Could Avoid Dealing With the Rabble.


Anonymous said...

yabba dabba...


Although with her millions, grafting her way to government exploitation, she is wealthy enough now to avoid real Americans for the rest of her days, and will probably have to.

However, if we can elect serious Republican Conservatives to power for a decade or so, we could reduce her pensions, seek some fines - fees for her abuse of the Office, etc.

And if we find any evidence of something to press some charges, we will do so.

Congress should, after repealing Obamacare, seeking refunds for the disastrous Democratic Swindle called "Stimulus", extending the Bush Tax cuts forever, etc., they could lower spending, lower taxation, and then perhaps investigate big frauds, like the Clinton Foundation.

Either way, getting Nancy Pelosi out of the Speaker's Office is going to make many in this Nation happy - about as happy as those in Chile after the rescue of those Miners. Democrats probably still are deeply unaware, of how poorly their offering is despised.

Jeanne Patterson said...

But wait, what if I have to sit next to her on a flight from Philadelphia to San Francisco? Or DC to San Francisco? These are flights I make several times a year. I gotta think about this. 6 hours in a tin can with Nancy Pelosi could scar me irrevocably.