Monday, October 25, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: I'm Doubling Down on My Top Ten

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I'm Doubling Down on My Top Ten: LegalIns
Why the Democrat Party Must Be Rebuked: Hewitt
ACORN-Style Vote Fraud Discovered in AZ and CO: GWP

The Importance of Our Military Vote Monitoring Project: PJM
'Cloward-Piven strategy' vs. 'bumbling incompetence-narcissism': ProWis
You're not safe from the P.C. police--even in Church: BlogProf

7 Days Out: Looking at All the Key Senate Races: RWN
Clinton Stumps in Detroit -- to Half-Empty Gym: GWP
This Means We Get To See Obama's Records, Right?: LegalIns


Accelerating Towards the Abyss: the Real Story of FY 2010: Blumer
Charter Schools: The Life-Changing Lottery: CityJournal
Pro-union study twists stats, takes public for saps: SFExam

The Shibboleth of Fixing Income 'Inequality' RCM
At Berkeley, the progressives are studying us: Revo
Rent's too damn low: Post

Former ACORN worker prevents pledge of allegiance at debate: RWN
Cali slashes 37,000 state jobs; many more to come: Mish
Niall Ferguson destroys Krugman and his Keynesians: ZH

Climate & Energy

The Super La Nina and the Coming Winter: PJM
On Climate Change, Tea Partiers Get It, Fish Wrap Doesn’t: BigJournalism
NPR: The AGW Propaganda You Paid For: CBullitt


The Idiot’s Guide to Driving off a Cliff : Dewey
NPR: Spending Our Money Promoting Lady Gaga: MagNote
Headline in Boston Herald: 'Muslims fear Juan William’s ouster will fan hostility': MoneyRunner

Comparing Jews to Nazis Meets NPR's 'Editorial Standards and Practices': AT
Tea Baggin': W.C. Varones
The Knives Are Out for Christine Amanpour: JWF

15 Minutes Into the Future: Driscoll
Report: Obama at Occidental Looked Forward to a "Social Revolution": NewsReal
CBS' finds silver lining to forced abortions in China: Greenroom


Obama's Special Envoy Holbrooke Doing His Best to Crush Morale Among U.S. Forces in Afghanistan: WZ
The Wikitruth About Iranian Murder of Americans: Ledeen
It’s come to this: Scottish Halal Hairdressing: WZ

U.S. Rabbi Joins EDL in Rally to Defend Israel: Atlas
Iran to Restrict ‘Western University’ Subjects: WZ
Is “Palestinian-killer” the new “Christ-killer”?: Kesler


Top 10 Security Threats in IT: Silicon India
Discovery News: Do Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol?: Revo
Hot conditions may have killed U.S. swimmer: Maktoob


Suspended Animation: Adrienne
Only in New York: Styleite
The ‘Miss me?’ George Bush pumpkin: RedState

Image: Atlas Shrugs
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QOTD: "Imagine a society in which politically connected individuals enrich themselves by giving money to politicians in return for earmarked dollars extracted from taxpayers. Imagine political entrepreneurs displacing market entrepreneurs by weaving fantastic tales of energy independence and a green tomorrow, sucking down billions in taxpayer loan guarantees for businesses that cannot possibly achieve economic sustainability. This is how crony Capitalism works.

Imagine a handful of executives earning hundreds of millions of dollars selling toxic mortgage bonds pyramided on low cost government-guaranteed capital made available by key Congressional committee chairmen who got special mortgage deals. Imagine a revolving door between reckless Wall Street derivative gamblers selling fraudulent unbacked insurance products and the regulatory agencies that bail them out using unlimited quantities of fiat currency printed up by unelected bureaucrats. This is how Washington works." -- Bill Frezza

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