Saturday, October 16, 2010

Warning: Do Not Show This Post to Cast-Members of 'The View'

Dan from New York:

Whoopi and Joy, fasten your seatbelts. If O'Reilly scared you off, just wait 'til you see this:

Three videos of the expert witness testimony for the defense by Simon Admiraal in the Geert Wilders trial.

• Leading Germans giving up on the "multiculti" idea here and here.

• French burqa ban clears last legal obstacle.

• French MP urges Britain to save itself too.

What did I tell you, gang? I said Europe would do what's necessary to defeat Islam's radical Sharia law and preserve its culture, didn't I? Now -- if only Israel could take a hint.


Anonymous said...

Over the years, I would be on 'tour' if you will to various European Arenas. Everytime, someone would eventually confront me with some absurd anti-USA fashion overwhelming Europa.

It was clearly jealousy at the time, and the product of their own bigotry pushed by a very biased Media leaning very left - pro Democrat in Our American experience.

Sure enough, they would often be shocked to grasp how distorted their views of the United States were. At the primary issue, was the question of USA's diversity. Now there is really no more diverse experience that I can recall visiting than the USA - and definitely not one with such a successful, healthy, constructive mix. The EUROS were always in deep denial, about their own closed environments, and predictably would be facing great problems with Immigration.

They tried to promote this change to their population, opening the doors basically from the late Sixties - Seventies, and thought they were so advance - enlightened. Not seeming to realize the USA was like an open book for it's entire existence.

Many visitors from overseas are always stunned, even with the diversity in the Midwest, the South, etc., within the USA. It is like a tired record skipping on a stereotype, and the Euros are now grasping just how bad it all is for them.

The KARMA is quite sad to see, as many of the Euros had some good intentions, naive to the reality of the problems they invited inside. But they better get a clue - and end their snobbish demeanor towards the USA. They simply have a lot to learn.

Ohio Exchange said...

You wonder if this "walkout" was pre-planned. It did help ratings although they looked like nitwits walking off.