Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gee, how come Kenny Gladney didn't get all of this attention?

When Kenny Gladney -- a black conservative -- was beaten, kicked and called racist names by members of the SEIU (also known as the Democrat brownshirts, which I'm told is the term they prefer), the progressive blogs and the legacy media raised nary a peep.

That seems to run a bit counter to what we're seeing when some paid moonbat activist lunged at Rand Paul and was then tossed to the ground and held for police. But some campaign worker ground his foot on her shoulder and, briefly, on her head. Which was idiotic, to be sure. But certainly nothing like the beating administered to Gladney.

So I was kinda surprised -- not -- to see the difference in coverage of the two incidents.

The double standard is obvious.

That's why the legacy media is melting away before our eyes, kinda like that Nazi boss in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Yeah, I threw in another Nazi allusion. 'Cuz Rob Reiner said it's okay.


Alex said...

I noticed that too at www.memeorandum.com.

Also, for awhile, memeorandum had the story about the act being staged on top and then it dropped off. Sometimes, your site is listed, but not this time.

memeorandum is supposedly populated by algorithms that figure out which stories are important and which links go with each other, etc.

I had the sense that some human intervention stacked the deck against the truth.

Dapandico said...

Is she from Kentucky?

A.G. said...


Don't know if you've seen this, but the full video (link below) of what happened with the MoveOn activist is now up on YouTube. The tape starts from the beginning and clearly shows activist Lauren Valle bolting towards Paul's SUV, inches away from Paul's open window. (As you correctly noted, if somebody had done this to President Obama, the Left would be outraged).

Further, Valle's claim that she was going to peacefully present the candidate with a "reward" is bunk, as any person in that situation, especially a Senate candidate, would have been placed in fear of an attack in such a scenario. Paul looks shaken immediately after the lunge. I think the tape adequately shows an assault on the candidate

And after Valle made her initial lunge and was partially subdued, she then ran around the SUV and made a second attempt once Paul had exited the vehicle, which is when the incident that the Left keeps showing, occurred.

None of this of course excuses the individual who placed his foot near her head, but it does clearly show why his supporters were fearful of a possible assassination attempt or the like, and why Mike Pezzano (the person in the plaid shirt) wrestled her to the ground.

The left kept harping about the need for "context" when the Andrew Breitbat presented the Sherrod tape- surely they will be clamoring for the whole tape here, right? (rhetorical question). The full video: