Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dead Pundit Walking: How Long Until NPR Fires Mara Liasson for a Manufactured, Faux-Controversial 'Gaffe'?

National Public Radio and Media Matters just received $1.8 million and $1 million donations, respectively, from George "Goldfinger" Soros, presumably to advance the cause of despotism in America. Coincidentally (*chortle*), NPR immediately fired Juan Williams for voicing an opinion about airport travel in the era of 9/11. Curiously, President Obama has yet to complain about all of the foreign money flowing into the coffers of the leftist front groups known as NPR and Media Matters.

The Daily Caller reports that NPR personality and frequent Fox contributor Mara Liasson is the next personality to have a laser-dot on her forehead.

“NPR’s Mara Liasson and her long-running association with Fox News has often raised questions. This might be the proper time for NPR to finally address that thorny issue,” wrote Media Matters columnist Eric Boehlert Thursday in a post entitled “What about Mara Liasson?” “[I]f you look at NPR’s code of ethics, there’s simply no way Liasson should be making appearances on Fox.”

Boehlert cited an official NPR document that says employees may not make media appearances that are “harmful to the reputation of NPR or the NPR participant” or “where the employee’s appearance may appear to endorse the agenda of a group or organization.”

Boehlert said that since Fox News pushes a “political agenda,” Liasson’s association violates the organization’s code of ethics.

In 2009, it was reported that NPR pressured Liasson to cut her ties with Fox News, a network she has contributed to since 1997. Liasson did not immediately return a request for comment.

Yes, Boehlfart insists that Fox has a political agenda, unlike the ultra-centrist NPR and 'non-profit' Media Matters.

These people are would-be tyrants who would do anything to silence the critics of an all-powerful central government. They don't give a damn about free speech unless it's their side's.

The only people sticking up for Juan Williams -- despite the ideological differences with many of his beliefs -- are conservatives. Remember this in ten days' time.


The_Bad said...

This whole kerfuffle with Juan Williams leaves me wondering: will Juan finally re-evaluate his beliefs? Juan seems to me to be fairly intelligent, so I become fairly agitated when I hear him regurgitating liberal talking points with seemingly no regard to the reason or analytics.

Does this episode snap him out of the trance? Does he at all realize that years upon years of carrying the democrat’s water has purchased him exactly squat? Is this what Hope is supposed to look like?

Anonymous said...

This is no "kerfuffle". This is serious stuff, about breach of contract, double standards, scurrilous defamation, and public hypocrisy.

Juan Williams does not "regurgitate"; he argues his case based on his liberal stance. He drives me up the wall some times, but I never think his arguments are cynical or otherwise than heart-felt.

as for Williams being "fairly intelligent": Say what? Is that all you got? Are you putting down a back man? Have you ever read Williams's book on the civil rights movement, or his other book on why blacks have got to stop making excuses for themselves?

Have you ever, "The Bad" been a public person, having every thing you say looked at under a microscope?'re just an anonymous
little creep with nothing to back your claims of superiority.

I stay cool as a rule, but sometimes bad is....Bad.