Friday, October 29, 2010

Denial Isn't a River in Egypt, It's the New York Times

JP writes:

Attached is a screen print of the front page of the online version of yesterday's New York Times, four days before one of the most important midterm elections in modern times. It features...

Halliburton and Pee Wee Herman.

And they wonder why they're bleeding subscribers faster than a stuck pig.*

* I hope I didn't offend a militant Quaker with that statement.

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Anonymous said...


INDEED MR. Ross...

But don't miss this one from the demented GRAY LADY.

This is a sincere desperate Democratic Partisan Laugh Riot:
"Bill Clinton’s Role in Florida Senate Race Seems to Cost Democrat Some Black Votes"

So Damien Cave is suggested to have authored this humorous fantasy, that all the Democrats in FLORIDA have been successfully tipped off by the brilliant Billy Clinton, to vote for Crist!

"Many of them, like Kevin Roberson, a postal worker from Miami, said they admired Mr. Meek. But when they heard that the former president had talked to Mr. Meek about dropping out to keep the Republican, Marco Rubio, from winning, they said it was time to be practical."


Sure, that is what all Democrats are saying. So was this an orchestrated leak, with various NEWS followings like this one in the NYTIMES, designed to keep RUBIO out of the Senate?

“When I hear Rubio speak, it’s just frightening,” said Stephanie Moore, 49, a freelance consultant who said she would vote for Mr. Crist. “That whole Tea Party movement — it’s going to set black folks back by 40 years."

Can you imagine this garbage? Did Damien call a few Democratic Party Union Members to be quoted in this propaganda?

No one is upset Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party was again trying to tell the African American Candidate to take a back seat? And lay down yet again?

This NY TIMES, the Democratic Party, is one of the most manipulative bunch of liars. They simply cannot help themselves, as all they touch are desperate Partisan efforts to push the Democratic Party. It is no wonder their readership is sinking like a rock.

Wouldn't doubt, this kooky narrative is offered on MSNBC this weekend.