Thursday, April 08, 2010

Top 3 Charts to Whip Out When Democrats Start Running Their Mouths

Number 3: Borrowed a trillion dollars on the backs of our kids and grandkids, without permission, and utterly failed to deliver on their promises? Check.

Number 2: Continue to deliver a consistent track record of economic fail? Checkety-check.

Number 1: With reckless spending and a complete failure to address a looming entitlement disaster, have bankrupted the country and put the U.S. at the precipice of disaster? Check and mate, bizznitch.

You gonna put some ice on that, Democrats?


Anonymous said...

Chart 3 is a nice bit of graphic fiction. Bush's deficits look a lot nicer because he figured that money spent on Iraq shouldn't really count and so kept it off the books. Some call this fancy book keeping. I call it lying.

Obama's deficits are directly linkable to Bush, who slashed revenues with giveaways to the ultra rich and then drove the economy into the toilet. He then created the bailout, which got tacked onto Obama. Thanks again, W!

Anonymous said...

You realize that stating the dumb lies you just wrote doesn't make them true, don't you?

The deficits under Bush INCLUDE the wars, they were just outside of the defense budget.

Second, Bush INCREASED the tax burden to the ultra rich to the point where the top 10% now pay 74% of all income taxes.

Grow up and read something before posting asinine propaganda.

Soquel by the Creek said...

You can give the last chart a bit more authority when you point people to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) article on this very subject.

$800+ BILLION annual defecits are not pretty, no matter how you plot them.