Monday, April 06, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Iran Framework Deal: Greatest Political Hoax Ever?

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Iran Framework Deal: Greatest Political Hoax Ever?: LI
U.S.-Israeli tensions hit new boiling point with Iran nuclear deal: Kelly Cohen
The President Is Playing A Very Dangerous Game, Rep. Zeldin Warns: Sara Noble

Munich, Anyone? Obama’s Iran Agreement in Translation: Roger L. Simon
NPR: The Deal Struck with Iran Was Not the Deal Announced by President: Lev Tsitrin
Iran: All Sanctions, Boycotts, Embargos Will Be Gone Forever on Day One: Sara Noble

Two Guys Or Two Girls And a Pizza Place: Ben Domenech
The Ongoing War Against Christianity: Star Parker
Requiring a concealed carry permit is the definition of ‘infringed’: Bob Livingston

Wasserman Tries to Defend the Dearth of Dem Candidates: GWP
Clinton machine threatens Martin O’Malley. Note the choice of subject noun: Moe Lane
Progressives Unhinged: Derek Hunter


Obamacare’s $800 Billion Tax Hike Explained in One Chart: Alex Rendon
Suspend the president of the University of Virginia: Don Surber
Why Are So Many Employers Unable to Fill Jobs?: Stephen Moore

Scandal Central

Rolling Stone's UVA rape investigation: “A failure that was avoidable”: CJR
Down from Watergate: Kevin D. Williamson
US Soldiers Now Being Lectured on White Privilege at Diversity Training Sessions: GWP

Climate & Energy

Governor Brown: “Californians Will Be Heavily Fined For Long Showers”: Treehouse


Spare Us Your Outrage: Erick Erickson
Let Them Bake Cake: Mark Steyn
CNN: “Will Schumer bring on new Democratic era?”: Moe Lane

CBS Sends Out Insane Iran ‘Death To America’ Tweet But Not Before Twitter Notices: Michael Hausam
A Kennedy whitewash: Post
For The Betterment Of Mankind, Carry A Gun: Concealed Nation

Right Wing Conspiracy Behind Donations to Memories Pizza Revealed: MB
Chris Matthews VERY upset at Hitler comparisons, forgets when he compared Bush to Hitler: Scoop
CIA Tweets ‘Good Riddance’ to Homeland Character: Evan McMurry


France slams Kerry over lowered demands on Iran for deal: Hayom
Obama leaves four Americans behind with Iran nuke deal: FAM
France’s True Problem: Skinny Fashion Models: AmInt

He descended into Hell: Leslie Eastman
Obama statement on Kenyan massacre doesn't mention jihadis killed Christians: Marathon
Vienna: “Free, Free Palestine” chant becomes “Kill, Kill the Jews”: LI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

You Won’t Believe That These Designs Are Actually From One Single Shirt: Mike Shouts
Disney is pouring $250 million into a fantasy sports site: Jon Fingas
Watch the First Ever 4K 1,000 fps Drone Footage: PopMech


Easter 2015: MOTUS
Had Enough? Cruz May Be the Answer: iOTWreport
Pray for Mandy Nagy (Update 4-4-2015: “she misses the way it used to be”): LI

Image: Barack Obama fights back against Israeli critics of Iran nuclear deal
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QOTD: "The Indiana hysteria is an excellent indicator. Ron Fournier of National Journal, who for some reason is generally esteemed, argued with a straight face that Indiana’s freedom-of-religion law is “not unlike Jim Crow laws at all,” which is true if you ignore the slavery and categorical subjugation and the use of state violence in the service of a program of general political and social repression and the first few centuries of American history and all. Moral panics have their uses: If you convince yourself that your opponent is evil — not wrong, not operating from a set of values at variance with your own, but evil — then there is no crime of which he might not be suspected — and, more important, no crime that one might not commit oneself in order to frustrate his wicked aims.

Needless to say, this line of thinking can be suspended when the politician is confronted with real but politically convenient evil, e.g., those Sandinistas that the Reagan administration was fighting. This is why in the popular history of 20th century, the bad guys aren’t the Communists who murdered 100 million people and their American enablers, but the meanies such as Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy, who tried to expose them." --Kevin D. Williamson

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