Saturday, October 02, 2010

Useful idiots -- or sarcastic conservatives? French women wear niqab and hot pants to protest... something.

Which side is this pair really on?

Two French female students have made a film of the pair of them strolling through the streets of Paris in a niqab, bare legs and mini-shorts as a critique of France's recently passed law.

Calling themselves the "Niqabitches," the veiled ladies can be seen strutting past prime ministerial offices and various government ministries with a black veil leaving only their eyes visible, but with their long legs naked bar black high heels.

...At one stage in the film, the two women approach the entrance to the ministry of immigration and national identity, only to be told by a policeman to go elsewhere. However, a policewoman also present is delighted by their clothes. “I love your outfit, is it to do with the new law?” she asks. “Yes, we want to de-dramatise the situation,” one girl replies. “It’s brilliant. Can I take a photo?” asks the policewoman, who will soon be required to fine public niqab wearers.

[The pair said] the film was a tongue-in-cheek way of criticising France's niqab ban, which the Senate passed last month and is due to go into force early next year... France's law banning the burka makes no mention of Islam, but President Nicolas Sarkozy's government promoted the law as a means to protect women from being forced to wear Muslim full-face veils such as the burka or the niqab...

Once the law is in force, a woman who chooses to defy the ban will receive a fine of 150 euros (£125) or a course of citizenship lessons. A man who forces a woman to go veiled will be fined 30,000 euros (£25,000) and serve a jail term... It could yet be overturned by France's constitutional court.

What's kinda cool about this pair: the fundamentalists have to be torn between appreciating the support and hating the nekkid.


Harry Bergeron said...

Do we know that they are women?
Better would be gay men posing as women, or lesbians strutting their stuff.

Anonymous said...

This pair of stupid women don't realize that they would be killed in some countries for their outfits. They are flirting with supporting their own subjugation and thinking themselves clever.

Anonymous said...

Killed? only by a stupid Islamic, those assholes don't need an excuse, should blow them all to hell

Anonymous said...

Wow may God reward them for their efforts. On the spot it seems like defamation of Islam however when you see their purpose its' amazing! Many French women did this as well. Power to them for their open-mindedness! Allahu Akbar!

Anonymous said...

I don't care who they are and what they say they want to prove. I just love it! I see it as a great caricature on islamic brainwashing, which is being pushed so hard on Western culture. Go girls! Beautiful legs by the way :)