Tuesday, November 02, 2010

ABC Notifies Breitbart They're Canceling His Town-hall Gig Due to Scheduling Conflict and Crazed Nutroots, But Mostly Crazed Nutroots

Cub Reporter Biff Spackle, whose annual review is on December 1st, said he snatched the following letter from ABC's fax machine just after it was sent to Andrew Breitbart. You may recall that, after inviting Breitbart to participate in a town hall telecast, ABC was hit with a firestorm of controversy by liberal progressive bloggers who oppose free speech.

Dear Mr. Breitbart,

We are writing to confirm the decor of your dressing room... oh. Excuse me. Hold on. I have to take this call.

Yes, Mr. Boehlert. Uh, okay. Yes sir. I pinky-promise.

Uhm, Mr. Breitbart, I regret to inform you that the Soros leftists who control the Democrat Party several scheduling conflicts prevent us from airing your valued opinions during the election broadcast.

It has come to our attention that an employee in our bookings department sent you an unauthorized offer letter to appear on election night. We were forced to fire him, at which point he blamed you. While he is a steroid-engorged bodybuilder who owns more than two dozen hunting rifles, please don't be alarmed.

Would you consider taking another analyst position for less pay than we originally discussed, even though we would never offer you such a position?

Thank you for your consideration.


Andrew Morse


Anonymous said...

ABC reminds one of Nancy Pelosi.


Did Tom Trancredo cost us in Colorado?

Anonymous said...


Angle loses in Nevada?

Okay, today was a sincere VICTORY over the disastrous Democratic Party, the entire fiasco of socialized collectivist government, and a terrible apologist enabling appeasement hiding as foreign policy. Hillary Clinton's State Department was just as much a part of this mess as anything else.

However, 2 Senate SEATS, 2 so ripe for the picking, with Republican Candidates winning in polls overwhelmingly prior to the Primaries turned out to be a flop with TEA PARTY EXPRESS Candidates. We let fashion dictate our decisions, and the TEA PARTY Express gave us two very weak offerings - one was an essential competition against the Democratic Party's Majority Leader.

This cost us, and there are going to be some Conservative Pundits who are too lost in their own game, to be honest about it. Some like LEVIN, should apologize.

It isn't about trying to empower the most sincere Conservative available, that is a worthy and welcome effort. It is the folly of compromising your Conservative intelligence, to play fantasy with political reality. To ignore facts is inviting a loser. You cannot select a Candidate on a fashionable image, who lacks substance, ability, record, insight, etc.

And the losses in Nevada and Delaware were something we could have probably avoided, or at least had a far more competitive offering.

Miller might as well be a loss as well - for he showed his record did not match the hype either. And the Palin Franchise helped a great deal with some poor offerings aided by the Tea Party Express.

I was a part of the TEA PARTY PROTESTS early on, and it is very different from those who took over the image of those early, honest, genuine, Tea Party Protests. The Tea Party Express needs to vastly improve it's offering, if it wants to be successful and constructive.

You cannot ignore reality. You can dream, but never engage in self destructive denial.

KY is not a genuine TEA PARTY win in my book, although they move the Republican Senate Seat moves thankfully more conservative (and we hope stable in the future), KY was going to be a Republican victory, was a former GOP controlled Seat.

Rubio, was a genuine Republican, whom I feel would have won the Primary regardless of the TEA PARTY EXPRESS.

Now whatever...

We must as a team, learn from it, be honest about it, grow from it, move on to win bigger in the future.

2012 is essential.