Monday, November 01, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Your feel-good election post of the weekend

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Your feel-good election post of the weekend: Moe Lane
Charlie Crist is really starting to scare me: ProWis
Kos Pollster: Miller Leads in Alaska: Con4Palin

Record Number of Black Conservatives Could Win: NewAm
An Appeal to Black Voters: GWP
On Tuesday, It's All about Us: AT

More Eeyorism (Which I Mention Just To Make Sure You Vote): Ace
Pay No Attention to the Communists behind the Curtain: AT
Obama limps into Chicago: Marathon


Get Ready to Pay Through the Nose: Bush Tax Cuts Expire: Virtuous
Bring Back the Ditch: The Real Issue
Dem Rep: ObamaCare 'will reduce the federal deficit': Hot Air

Move-On Activist Chokes Conservative Protester: Nice Deb
Why we should eliminate the corporate income tax: McArdle
Angle's Closing Argument: GWP

Climate & Energy

CT's Dick Blumenthal: a 'Greenie' Endangering America's Economy: PJM
Last gasp for the California economy: AT


Joel Kotkin on Obama's Mistake: Instapundit
Obama-Biden's final pre-election tour ends with a whimper: Malkin
Barney Frank brings in the, uh, big guns: Malkin

The Commander in Chief of MSNBC: Driscoll
Aftermath: Belmont Club
Mo Dowd Blasts, Nay, Destroys, President Dude: RWN

Mr. Obama, the American People are not "Enemies" who Need to be "Punished": Zilla
Leftists Deny KTVA Conspiracy to Smear Joe Miller: RWN
Drudge-Fu: The Colbert And Stewart Edition: RWN

The NAACP's Red Smear Artist: Cashill
Another Anti-Islamic Bigot Comes Out Against the Ground Zero Mosque: Patterico
What We Saw at The Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear: Reason


Obama, with tie, responds quickly to terror attempt: Pundette
The Failed Obama Iran Policy: Now What?: Ledeen
None Dare Call Harry On It: AT

Death of the West: Creeping Sharia: RWN
How Long Will Our Luck Last?: HNN
Obama: once again decries rampant "anti-Islam sentiment": BlogProf


Why a dumb phone and a smart tablet may be better: ZDNet
Browser momentum: Chrome has it, IE doesn't: CNet
Who Benefits From Following Google's Guidelines? : SEO Book


White House Halloween Party 2010: MOTUS
The Department of Free: Zombie
Army Goes Camo on the Gridiron: WZ

Image: Lie Detector Politician
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Carly Fiorina for U.S. Senate

QOTD: Let's make it 100 -- "There is nearly uniform consensus among Democratic campaign professionals that the House is gone — the only question, it seems, is how many seats they will lose.

While few will say so on the record for fear of alienating party officials or depressing turnout, every one of nearly a dozen Democratic House consultants and political strategists surveyed expect a GOP majority to be elected Tuesday — the consensus was that Democrats would lose somewhere between 50 and 60 seats... On the high end, one Democratic consultant said losses could number around 70 seats." -- Some dweeb at Politico


Zilla of the Resistance said...

Thank you very much for mentioning my Zilla of the Resistance blog!
I am deeply honored.

Anonymous said...

LET's Make it 100!


GO GOP - or game over.

NOV. 2

Please, everyone, let's give Nancy a PINK Slip.