Monday, November 08, 2010

Wealthy, Coddled, Marxist Cartoonist Calls for Violent Workers' Revolution (While Hawking His New Book)

Does anyone else find this hilarious?

The economically illiterate cartoonist known as Ted Rall appeared on (where else?) MSNBC to hawk his latest book, which preaches a socialist revolution of sorts. He says the system's broken and the only solution may be a violent overthrow of the government by the workers. Because they need jobs.

Yes, those would be the same jobs that the private sector could create, if it weren't being suffocated by the federal leviathan, that is.

No word on whether Rall is redistributing all of his book's proceeds to "the workers".

Rall says that firing government workers would damage the economy. Of course, the real economy -- the private sector -- is on life support while subsidizing all of the endless federal bureaucracies with workers who make double their private counterparts.

But that whole "private sector" concept was always too complex for the likes of Rall to understand.

Just don't miss any of his royalty payments, Mr. Publisher, or he'll get really, really pissed. Like, violent-overthrow-pissed!

Hat tip: Breitbart.


Anonymous said...

Ted Rall is one of the ugliest of all.

Had a friend meet him briefly in NYC ages ago, I think when he was going to Columbia. He said he was so ugly, he insulted everyone, and it was my friend's good buddy, who stopped my friend from tossing Rall through a window at some coffee shop in Manhattan.

Seems Rall was totally insulting to some waitress, and everyone. One big jerk.

Rall actually said, before things grew to the boil, something about his Mom calling him from France!

No shock there. Just another liar who is a Democratic Partisan. He isn't a talented comic either - his work is about as average and predictable as his ignorant self.

So lost in his own folly, he really should move to CUBA or Venezuela, if he had any guts. But instead he just wants to make everyone miserable.

The Castro Regime probably wouldn't let RALL to enter CUBA anyhow, as he is one big loser.

Ragspierre said...

The workers need to drag Rall out of his home and strip him naked. They should appropriate all his property, and burn him for warmth this winter.

Or maybe they should just ignore him, like most all the rest of us do.

Doom said...

Beyond government employees having it cushy and having pensions which have crushed much of American industry when forced onto it, these very government employees are often the ones who impede free trade and general business functions on top of stealing from it for their pay. Talk about a monkey on your back!

Anonymous said...

This is what you get when you allow some brat, still sucking off the teat, to have a spotlight.

It is quite obvious that his anger and angst stems from his overabuse of bogarting mom's lotion and Kleenex stock, while living in the basement.

Now that he has increased his celebutardedness, will the shackled workers lash out at him?

I read a bit of his screed online yesterday.

1. He needs to remember WHO is armed and quite skilled at it.
2. He needs to understand that any "inserrection" led by any leftard would either burn up before it ever began(see: Coffee Party, whatever else they have mustered) or fail hilariously.
3. Picture libtards actually executing a plan, other than a coffee n'colonic party.

Anonymous said...

First, it seems doubtful that there will be any "proceeds" from the book which can be distributed to "the workers." If it sells more that a few hundred copies, I will be surprised. Second, don't overlook the absurd dark humor of a call to arms to leftists. They don't own firearms and if given a gun they wouldn't know what end the "bullet thingy" comes out of.

Ted said...

"We do know is that this system is currently broken, and what we need is to come in with a clean slate, start from scratch"

Exactly what about the message do you all find so terrible?

Do you even read this blog? or do you just log in and comment after glancing at the title and the graphic?

Be Honest.