Monday, November 08, 2010

Keith Olbermann suspended indefinitely, or until Tuesday, whichever comes first

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann -- the unhinged smear-merchant with no ratings (which is the description he prefers, I hear) -- was suspended indefinitely by his network for political donations last week.

That suspension lasted all of 48 hours.

...this morning we find out that Keith Olbermann will be back from his suspension without pay tomorrow. It’s interesting that conservatives are probably responsible for him coming back, given how many of them rose to defend Olbermann. I mean, if it was just liberals rising to his defense, would he be coming back at all? Hard to say. But conservative defenders give the outcry a distinctive whiff of bipartisanship.

You have to give Olbermann credit, however. He has established a broadcasting record of sorts.

He's the only news broadcaster in history so terrified of conservatives that he's never screwed up enough courage to interview one.

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Stew Magoo said...

MSNBC was simply trying to "Juan Williams" Olby and get him into Fox News. He was going to strap explosives to his butt and set them off during Fox and Friends.

Watch. The truth will come out eventually...