Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Debt deluge -- Here's your $1.6 trillion of red ink

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Debt deluge: Here's your $1.6 trillion of red ink: Malkin
The Lost Decade: AT (Hoven)
The President's Priorities: WSJ

Illinois: why government can't be trusted: RWN
David Axelrod, Portrait of a Demagogue: STACLU
ObamaCare: Will You Ever Be Able to Trust Your Doctor?: PJM

Pelosi's Last Hurrah: AT
Air Farce Academy: Wicca, Druidism, Earth-Religion Worship Areas: Riehl
John Edwards: Poster Boy for Faux-Leftism: PJM

Millions Budgeted for 'Disparate-Impact Lawsuits': Corner
Largest-ever federal payroll to hit 2.15 million: Times


Deficit Reality Check: InstaPundit
Simple 5-step process for understanding the deficit and reactions to it: Treacher
Budget fun with Fannie and Freddie: AT

Obama’s New Budget: $5 Trillion More in Debt in Just Five Years: FlopAce
Tacks n' Spend: Belmont Club
How to make a weak economy worse: WSJ

The Administration's Unemployment Forecast: CalcRisk
New York Democrats in hot water over slush fund: AT
Culture of Corruption Watch: Probing SEIU shenanigans: Malkin

Climate & Energy

Global warming skeptics are vindicated: Surber
Obama's Budget Includes Cap-And-Trade Placeholder: Riehl
Osama and Obama on Global Warming: Times


Prosecutor recuses himself in O'Keefe case: RWN
WaPo hits trifecta of biased journalism today: AT
O'Donnell: Reform is Dead: Politico

The Obama administration is creating political instability: RWN
No Action Against Bush Era Attorneys... Sullivan Hit Hardest: Ace
James O'Keefe and the Fourth Estate's Double Standards: AT

Ed Schultz on Visiting White House: 'Almost a Shrine' - to Obama: NewsBusters
Palin's Rogue Endorsement of Rand Paul: Maggie


Eppur Si Muove!: GoV
Feds Urge Judge to Bar Geithner Deposition in AIG Sharia Lawsuit: Atlas
Single-Payer Hell: British NHS sends 500,000 patients home too early every year: BlogProf

Fighting the Goldstone Process at the UN: PJM
A Tale of Two Terrorists: WSJ
The Family That Prays Together, Slays Together: Zazi's Father Arrested: Atlas
India: Major Muslim Cell Busted Planning Aerial Terror Attacks: Atlas

Obama Repeats Mistakes in Afghanistan: Purposeless Engagement: Maggie
Bowing to Islam and the CAIR: NoisyRoom
The Mufti's Diary and his Meeting with Hitler: Atlas


Kindle, iPad, MacMillan, and the Death of a Business Model: PJM
Hacking for fun and profit in China's underworld: CNet


Architecture of Fear: EnvGraf
Brother, can you spare a dime?: GM's Place

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