Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Blanche Lincoln Beats the Left

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Blanche Lincoln Beats the Left: RedState
Cali: Whitman, Boxer, Fiorina, Bono Mack win: RedState
Haley to face runoff against Barrett in SC: AnBlkCon

What's Missing From the Press Conference?: C&S
'Organized labor just flushed $10M down toilet': Politico
Core values: Crist erases pro-life web pages: Malkin


Blue State Bonanza for Americorpse Funding: AT
Andy Stern, calling the shots, pillories free market: CNS
Regulation Fever! Now It's Trucks: NRO

The Save-a-Life Foundation and the Chicago Way: AT
IG: Census hired too many workers as 'cost-savings': CNS
The Bad News - Bad News on Jobs: MarketWatch

Climate & Energy

Wind Power: a Photographic Essay: RWN
I'm just a spill, Yes I'm only a spill...: BOOS
Obama can't explain why he hasn't spoken to BP CEO: Hot Air

NAS: New CAFE standards add $9K per car: BlogProf
Manmade global warming science doesn’t withstand scrutiny: WUWT


The Consequences of Media Failure: Demopaths Setting the Global Agenda: PJM
WaPo's Kurtz: In 2002, Helen Thomas Exclaimed 'Thank God for Hezbollah': NewsBusters
WaPo's blind eye to Gaza armed divers: AT

Meet the Sheik Who's Rockin' Your World: AT
Leftists Cheerfully Defend Helen Thomas’ Anti-Semitism: RWN
What the First Amendment is Not: Hindenblog


The Obama Doctrine, Syria, the UNHRC and the Blood-Drinkers: Mere Rhetoric
NJ Jihadist Carlos Almonte hated Jews too, was "Death to all Juice" guy: Jawa
How IHH Prepared to Kill IDF Soldiers Aboard Mavi Marmara: Terrorism.Info

Gaza Flotilla Organizer at Hamas Rally: '[Infidels] Will Be Toppled… World Is Progressing to Islam': GWP
An Irrational, Obscene Hatred: JPost
That didn't take long: Muslim praise for Obama dries up a year after Cairo speech: McClatchy

If Israel Is Not Evil, the World Is in Big Trouble : Prager
Muslim Youth Attack Danish Singer Medina: TAB
Iran, Turkey meet to strenthen ties: GWP


Microsoft's Crumbling Empire: Insider
What AT&T's tiered pricing means for you (FAQ): CNet
Joke of the Day: B&R


Tea Party member sings lesser-known verse of the Star Spangled Banner: AnBlkCon
Express Your Bad Self: MOTUS
The Wit and Wisdom of Peter Singer: First Thoughts

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"Never let a serious crisis go to waste." -- Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff to Barack Obama

"Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant" -- James Madison, 4th President of The United States, Father of the United States Constitution

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