Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aftermath of Tucson Shooting Reveals Big Gaps in the Identification and Treatment of Delusional Children. But Enough About David Gregory.

There are roughly 300 million Americans who don't watch Meet the Press and who wouldn't know its host -- David Gregory -- from Oprah's plumber. Truth be told, Oprah's plumber probably has a higher Q-rating. But I digress.

The ludicrous Mr. Gregory, whose idea of empaneling a 'conservative' on his show involves speed-dialing Davids Frum and Brooks, beclowned himself in spectacular fashion this Sunday past. Let's listen in.

MR. GREGORY: ...out of the madness of Arizona, is this the moment when civility makes a comeback in politics? Is this the game changer in political attitudes that 9/11 was to our attitudes about security? Our special roundtable examines those questions and more, including the pattern of political attack and counterattack in the wake of the shootings... With us this morning, the Reverend Al Sharpton --

Whoa, whoa, whoa -- stop the tape.

Seriously? Al Sharpton? So the man who helped fan the racial tensions that killed eight innocent people in New York is NBC's 'civility expert'? Just wanted to level-set here...

MR. GREGORY: ...I do want to ask about political discourse and where this conversation should go. Ron Brownstein writes in his column in the National Journal this week, a column that's entitled "Apocalypse Always." And here's a point that he makes in conclusion of the piece: "When political arguments are routinely framed as threats to America's fundamental character, the odds rise that the most disturbed among us will be tempted to resist the governing agenda by any means necessary."

Is that the real problem, Senator Coburn? Is a description of political discourse and political disagreement as being apocalyptic, having such huge consequence for the direction of the country?

Okay, it's been a whole week, Mr. Gregory.

Since the attack, we've confirmed that the Jared Loughner was a nut -- stark raving bonkers -- with, if anything, a left-leaning political background. So we know that 'political arguments' -- especially as they unfairly tarred Sarah Palin and the Tea Party -- had absolutely nothing to do with Loughner's delusions.

As for Mr. Gregory's condition one can only speculate.

I reject the premise of this ridiculous man, his ridiculous show and the entire notion of a 'civility expert' named Al Sharpton.

Mr. Gregory, in the words of Don Surber: bite me.

Now you know why NBC's ratings trail the Alfalfa Channel and re-runs of F-Troop.

Hat tip: Mark Levin.


toadbile said...

Yes, Sharpton. Because Pennywise the clown was unavailable.
(And F Troop rocks!)

Anonymous said...

But Greg does do a passable Tom Brokaw impression.
other than that,,he's a wank.