Friday, January 28, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Filibuster Is Preserved - Progressives Lose

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The Filibuster Is Preserved - Progressives Lose: RedState
Obama to push gun-control measures: WashExam
It's Official: Pence Won't Run for President: WZ

Palin said it best. Obama leaves everyone asking, WTF?: Cubachi
Attempts to Marginalize Bachmann Begin: RWN
Lefties Attack Texas ‘True The Vote’ Event: Huston


Where the cash goes, the Democratic policy flows: Tapscott
ObamaRail: RWN
Obamacare Demolished in 30 Seconds: TAB

Unions: 40% of those exempted from Obamacare: WashExam
Unions Realize They Need a PR Campaign: RWN
Some “No”s and “Yes”es of Health-Care: Hayek

Teleconference with Rand Paul: $500B in Cuts: RWN
Great News: Home Prices Still in Freefall: BlogProf
GE's Immelt? Not the Job Change We Can Believe In: PJM

Climate & Energy

Genocide Reduces Global Warming: AT
Breaking News: Elsie Springs a Leak: P&F
Himalayan glaciers not melting because of climate change, report finds: Telegraph


Public Service Reminder: Seat of Political Hate Edition : Urban Infidel
Fixing Bathroom Tiles on the Titanic: NRO
Hypocritical Clown Nose On: Stephen Colbert Responds to ‘Big Hollywood,’ Trashes Palin … Again: Nolte

New Obama press secretary has solid conservative-smearing credentials: Malkin
Sarah Palin's Way Forward: AT
Fact Check: LGF PageViews – Broken, or Rigged: TDoD

PURE PROPAGANDA: Reagan And Obama On The Cover Of TIME: Glob
Backward Ran the Photoshops Until Reeled the Voters: Driscoll
Obama Stung by SOTU Plagiarism Rap: Cashill

Reason as a tool to change the culture of abortion: Pundette
NPR Cries Factual Foul on Paul Ryan for Saying 'Failed Stimulus' in SOTU Response: NewsBusters
Barack Obama fires up the health team: Politico


The Palestine Papers: Al-Jazeera Has an Agenda: JCPA
A New Nation is Born! Southern Sudan Votes for FREEDOM: Zilla
it all started with the letters "bcd" on the receiver ring of a model k-98 mauser my brother gave me...: Winter Soldier

The Rest of the World and Obama: AT
Dustbins I Have Known: Belmont Club
Blood on Bernanke's Hands; Riots in Egypt over Food Prices and Unemployment; Protests Spread...: Mish


Peep show: inside the world of unsecured IP security cameras: Ars Technica
Hubble brings back baby photos of the universe : SMH
How Can I Illustrate The Dystopian Hellscape Presaged By Demand’s IPO?: TechCrunch


Infographic: The 'Inception' Movie Contest Winner: FastCoDesign
A 12-Hour Commute on GW Parkway: NBC Washington
Self-destructive twits: Twitter's wall of shame: SMH

Taking the WTF Tour on the Road : MOTUS
Sponsored Facebook Posts Turn Your Updates Into Ads For Which You Get No Money: Consumerist
Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have been offered $500,000 each to fight in a boxing match: NewsComAu

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