Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: SOTU Preview -- Obama's 5 Pillars Of Deceit

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SOTU Preview: Obama's 5 Pillars Of Deceit: Wolf Howling
Court throws Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emanuel Off Mayoral Ballot: Ace
Mobilizing the Jobless, by Frances Fox Piven: DailyPundit

America’s real rally to restore hope and sanity: Malkin
Obama’s Radical “Go To” Man Moves to the DNC: Noisy
Why Do Liberals Hate Free And Fair Elections?: Liberty


Where did the Stimulus go?: Commentary
Investigating Obamacare's Waiver-Mania: Malkin
Three SEIU Locals Receive Obamacare Waivers: CNS

'Told you so' not nearly as satisfying as once thought: Cold Fury
Fannie and Freddie Legal Bills Cost $160M+: S&L
GOP leaders to president: Don't pitch us on new spending: Hill

Micromanagement of health care begins now: Foundry
Economics: The Thomas Sowell Interview: RWN
The worst is yet to come in Illinois: Trib

Climate & Energy

You Should Be Livid About Climate Change If You're Under 25: RWN
Culture of Corruption: Not so fast there, Carol Browner: Malkin
'Environmental justice' undermines Obama's regulatory reform: WashExam


More on Nullification...: Adrienne
The Worst of the Worst: A Look Back at Keith Olbermann's Most Outrageous Quotes: NewsBusters
Draft Keith Olbermann to run for Senate in CT? Heck yeah!: Toldjah

Where Do I Sign Up?: Cold Fury
Obama Continues Grand Liberal Tradition of Praising Republicans, So Long As They're Dead: Ace
Blogger Reaches 1 Million Hits; Celebrates by Linking Entire Freaking Blogosphere: RSM

Sorry Casey Brezik, the Media Doesn’t Cover Your Kind: RWN
Advocate of Violence: Frances Fox Piven and the New York Times's dishonest campaign for 'civility.': Taranto
Newsweek American Assassins Cover Exploits Tucson Massacre: SHN


How the Balance of World Power Changed in 21 Seconds in 1999: RWN
China's new world order: Samuelson
Hezbollah poised to take over in Lebanon: GlobalPost

Border War: Gunmen Open Fire At Mexican Soccer Game Killing 7 Including One Player: GWP
Palestine Papers Confirm What Israel Has Said All Along: Commentary
Muslims sue Delaware school district: Creeping


TomTom Traffic Stats: Know Your Traffic Patterns (If You’re In Government): CrunchGear
RIM Plans Software to Separate Work, Personal Data on BlackBerries: InsuranceTech
Some pols say Twitter ban for the birds: Herald

Brute-Force Safecracking: Schneier
Why so much fuss about Demand Media's IPO?: CNet
Microsoft's answer to the iPad: attack its enterprise weaknesses--even if nobody cares about them: Engadget


How to do things faster: Snotr
Deadly Crash Tears BMW M3 In Half: Jalopnik
Semi-truck crash caught on dash cam: Mediaite

Image: iOwnTheWorld, 'From the Library of Keith Olbermann'
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Judicial Watch--Ambitious Investigative Agenda for 112th Congress
QOTD: "Give us a bit of credit for getting eight years out of him. That’s the longest he’s been anywhere." -- Unnamed NBC executive, on employing Keith Olbermann


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