Thursday, January 13, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Liberals Seek Ban on Metaphors in Wake of Shooting

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Liberals Seek Ban on Metaphors in Wake of Shooting: Coulter
Bernie Sanders: Send me money or more people will die: FA
Finally: Dupnik releases police reports on Loughner, family: Hot Air

The Victim and His Victims: RSM
Dupnik's Real Outrage: Detroit-on-the-Desert: AT
Lawmakers consider new curbs on incendiary speech: Hill

Death Threats Against Sarah Palin at 'Unprecedented Levels': WZ
Unanswered Questions for Sheriff Dupnik: NoisyRoom
Branding the Tucson Massacre: Malkin


Half of All States Now Suing to Stop Obamacare: Foundry
Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics: It’s Reagan in a Rout: Blumer
Union Boss With Violent History Decries Rhetoric of Right: RWN

Illinois Corporate and Personal Income Tax Increase: HPA
Illinois Races Toward Cliff: Pundette
Majority of MI voters want state to be 'right to work': BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Global Warming Update: Snow in 49 States: Malkin
Elininationist Rhetoric: Greens Block Needed Dam In Australia and Now 70 People Are Dead: Ace
Snap! Road Salt For Globull Warming Snow Creating Coastal Marshes…In Heartland: RWN


God-Haters and the Tucson Massacre: RSM
Partners In Blood: Con4Palin
Civility: Dozens of Twitter users call for Palin’s death: Caller

As The Dream Dies, The Dreamers Lash Out: Ace
Hard-Hitting Journalism from ABC: How Could Loughner Afford A $500 Glock?: S&L
Democracy Imperiled? Six reasons our democratic republic is in trouble.: PJM

Let’s Do Target Violent Rhetoric And Imagery: Strata-Sphere
Flashback: Yes, some college students do know how to act at a massacre memorial: Malkin
Tucson Memorial Event Features Best Presidential Speech In Years: Glob

Ahhh... Remember When The Left Thought Making Political Threats Was Pretty Darn Kewl?: Ace
Naming Names: Some Of The Liberals Who Were Overjoyed About The Tucson Shooting: RWN
The Trade-Off: Should We Commit Mentally Unstable People?: RWN


Animal Farm hits Britain in the guise of sexual orientation equality: Bookworm
Egypt: Police Officer Who Shot Train Passengers Checked For Crosses Before Shooting Them: WZ
Mount Etna Erupting?: ZH

NYT Hides Truth About Arabs in Israel: iOTW
Facts Be Damned!… Hillary Clinton Says Tucson Killer Was Politically Motivated: GWP
Canada--Finally Cooling to Global Warming: Bayonet


US government breaks ground on US$1.2bn cybersecurity facility: SecureComputing
Unveiled: The Most Complete Map of the Universe Ever Made: Discover
MetroPCS accused of blocking certain Net content: CNet


And the Oscar Goes To...: MOTUS
We Must Stop This Vile and Evil Rhetoric: Papa Todd
SnowCare for Troops offers free snow removal for military families: WyBlog

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QOTD: Defending ourselves against what? Some a-hole on MSLSD with no numbers, no ratings, no audience, no substance, no common sense making an allegation. We know without question that the murderer in Tucson was mentally ill, a liberal pothead and all the rest of it. We know this for a fact." -- Mark Levin.

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