Thursday, January 27, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Rubio co-sponsoring DeMint's Obamacare repeal bill

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Rubio co-sponsoring DeMint’s Obamacare repeal bill: Cubachi
Obama’s State-of-His-Next-Campaign-for-President Address: RWN
It's On: Keith Ellison (D-MN) vs. Allen West (R-Infidel): WZ

Obamacare Waivers Jump from 222 to 729 in One Month: Verum
Beyond the Philadelphia Horror: Malkin
Pelosi logged $2MM in military jet expenses in 2 years: JW

Why Bachmann's Speech Was The Best: Riehl
Hope, Change and 'Invest': Coulter
Making Obama a One Term President: AT


SOTU 2011: The Man on the Moon & the Union Sputniks: RedState
GOP Links Balanced-Budget Measure to Debt Ceiling Vote: WSJ
National Debt Increases by $100MM During SOTU Address: PJM

Planned Parenthood: A Defacto Abortion Tax on America: RWN
Inflation is so much worse than we're being told: Insider
How Bad is Detroit’s Detroitification?: MCC

Climate & Energy

Carol Browner Goes, Draconian Policies Stay: IBD
George Monbiot’s Predicted Global Famine No More Evident Than Global Warming: RWN
UN's IPCC Climate Models' Predictions of Rainfall Completely Wrong: C3


GoProud, SoCons, The CPAC Boycott, & Homosexuality In Context: Wolf Howling
Two State of the Union Speeches Later...: RWN
Wolf Blitzer Beclowns Bill Maher on CNN: NewsBusters

I Wish I Were a Democrat: AT
The Aim of Blood Libels: Glick
The Leader of the Conservative Wing of the First (Extended) Family: Wolf Files

“Birther” movement gets boost from journalist friend of HI governor: Toldjah
MTV Knows New Show May Break Child Porn Laws: NewsReal
Dispatch: The American Psyche and a 'Sputnik Moment': Stratfor


Mexican Cartel Caught Sneaking Muslim Jihadi Into U.S.: Dollard
Iran’s Defense Minister Vahidi Threatens the West. Remember Who He Is?: PJM
Dem Rep. Ackerman Cuts Ties With Soros Front Group J-Street: WZ

Keith Ellison’s alma mater, UMinn, to launch Islamic sharia law program: Creeping
Slow Learners to Set Sail on ‘Freedom Flotilla 2′ to Gaza: BigJournalism
Gay Activists Offended by New Ground Zero Mosque Imam’s Views On Homosexuality: WZ


Facebook beefs up security after Zuck hack: FT
Browser-Powered Desktop Notifications Are Coming To Gmail: TechCrunch
Thirty Years of the Best First Person Shooters Ever Made: Ace


How to Get Unlimited Monies!: TrollScience
Reason #69: Why Sarah Palin Is So Freaking Awesome
Man arrested after, eh, climaxing during TSA patdown: C&S

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QOTD: "What other event draws more than 10,000 of your fellow Americans who agree with you on at least 75% of the issues? To be honest, I hate to travel. I hate being away from home. But there are no “Lonely Conservatives” at CPAC. To sit it out because there may be a few sponsors or speakers I disagree with would be silly. Sometimes I think people just take themselves too seriously. Life is short and precious, we shouldn’t be making enemies of our friends.

You know I’m not shy about calling out RINO’s, but that doesn’t mean I’m afraid to be at the same venue where a few of them might show up. Who knows, if enough of us are there, maybe we can convince them of the error in their ways. It’s too bad some conservatives don’t even want to bother trying." -- Lonely Conservative, 'In Defense of CPAC'

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