Monday, January 31, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The American Left's Role in Mid-East Regime Change

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The American Left's Role in Mid-East Regime Change: RedState
It's on: Dem blames SEIU, other leftists for midterm losses: WZ
SF: Pro-Palin Posters Replacing Vile Leftist Ones: HillBuzz

Doing right by DC’s students: Toldjah
Zarelli nails it: slash services to illegal aliens: CCP
Woman who spied on Joe the Plumber gets $145K county job: ABC-22

As Egypt burns, Obama parties and watches b-ball: GWP
SCOTUS Scolds 9th Circuit: Patterico
Axelrod on way out: `We've learned some lessons': AP


About that School Obama Mentioned in SOTU Speech...: Malkin
Comments About Egypt and The Arab World: P&F
Government unions led to public pension problem: MySanAntonio

In Quotes: Liberals Agree With Conservatives on the Deficit: RWN
Want to Save Real Money in DC?: PJM
HHS Head Sebelius: Government Can Force You to Buy a TV: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Creationism, AGW, and the Anti-Science Party: Howling
Freeze to Death in Your Volt: Surber
Now We Know… NASA Lied – 2010 Was Not the Hottest Year Ever: GWP

After $535M Stimulus Bailout, California Solar Panel Plant Going 'Bust'!: RWN
Who Could Oppose 'Clean Energy'?: RWN
Obama science advisor John Holdren cites need to 'educate' GOP skeptics about global warming: Hill


Was Bachmann’s SOTU Response Sabotaged?: Big Journalism
MSNBC VP: “MSNBC does not have a political agenda.”: Hot Air
Women, Minorities, Brendan Fraser Hardest Hit: Driscoll

The Media, Reagan and Obama: AT
Media Matters Blames The Egyptian Crisis on Those Foreign Policy-Controlling, Media-Owning Jews: Lid
Olbermann Bashes Vietnam Vet's Letter to the Editor About Him: NewsBusters


The Decline of Egypt: NoisyRoom
"Hamas is not merely colluding with the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood": Urban Grounds
The King's Speech: Belmont Club

Muslim Brotherhood Deception: They Say Different Things in English and Arabic: BigPeace
Thad McCotter: "This is not a nostalgic 'anti-colonial uprising' from within": sisu
Middle East: the Dog That Didn't Bark: Greenroom

So who wants Mubarak?: Surber
Putting the Cart Before the Strong Horse: Driscoll
Egypt protesters call strike, 'million man march': Maktoob

What's the Matter With Egypt?: Hanson
Cold Water on the Frenzy: Cautions about Egypt: NRO
Tunisia, Egypt, and the Suez: Mullings


New Ground Zero Imam says People who Leave the Muslim Faith Should be Jailed: FoxNation
How Al Gore Could Save the World: TAB
French increasingly anxious about Muslims: Standard

Why Territory Still Matters for Israel: LegalIns
Tunisian Women Stage Burqa Rebellion as Radical Imam Returns from Exile: RWN
Jordan May Be Next Arab Domino To Fall: MyWay


Asteroid Deflection Should Be Next 'Sputnik Moment': Discovery
The 260 mpg car that might actually be cool: CNet
Stuxnet Autopsy Fascinates And Frightens: StrategyPage


Chris Monson: 1948 - 2011: SIGIS
Joe Biden Weighs In On Unrest in the Mideast: Diogenes
Mike Brown and the Bengals Explained: Virtuous

'Wear What You Love': MOTUS
Princeton in the Snow: TigerHawk
In memory of Jack LaLanne -- Jimbo and Da Juicer: PRS

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QOTD: "If I haven't made my position clear enough in the past, let me restate it: If you are here illegally, then you deserve nothing in the way of state services except arrest and transport into federal custody... The most deserving illegal alien is not as deserving as the least deserving citizen. Any program providing any service to any illegal must be eliminated at every level. Why any level of state or local government PROVIDES any service to illegals, save assisting in their deportation, is simply beyond my comprehension." -- Clark County Politics

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