Saturday, January 22, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Murkowski sides with Dems on Obamacare repeal

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Murkowski sides with Dems on Obamacare repeal: WZ
Are we headed to an unrecoverable fighter jet gap?: WashExam
Rep. Giffords Transferred To Rehab After 12 Days In Hospital: OTB

Ryan's SOTU Rebuttal: Easiest Speech Ever?: RWN
Bachmann to deliver Tea Party response to State of Union: Caller
Gosnell; Baby Feet Kick the Nation: Anchoress


What's Good for Jeffrey Immelt Is Good for America: AmSpec
States look to bankruptcy to avoid crushing debt: Pirate
What do you call $2.5T in spending cuts? A good start: Foundry

Water, Water Everywhere but Hardly a Drop for Farmers: MB
Awesome: Gov. Haley Tells AFL-CIO to 'Bring It': GWP
IL: Unpaid Bills Will Soon Double Despite Tax Hike: Mish

Give me $1B to cut the budget deficit: Mankiw
Great: 2nd Graders Now Having Sex in Cali Classrooms: JWF
Government Health Care in 1798: Cato

Climate & Energy

EPA is a no-show in Texas fracking case: WashExam
Alarming Trends: WUWT
Noam Chomsky: GOP election victory amounts to 'death knell for the human species': Climate Depot


Did Olbermann Quit -- or Was He Pushed?: Tatler
Bizarre Media Campaign to Link Sarah Palin to Tucson Shootings Actually Worked: RWN
Pop goes the WaPo: Driscoll

Introducing Robert Gibbs’ Replacement: The New York Times: Malkin (Powers)
Gov. Who Promised To Shut Birthers Up By Releasing Birth Certificate, Now Says--Um, I Can't Find the Original: Ace
Jurassic Park: Dingell, Conyers to Run for 30th, 25th Terms: RWN

If 'She Can't Win,' Then Neither Can We: LegalIns
Gosnell’s House of Horrors: NiceDeb
Professor on Aborted Babies: ‘I Look at Them Unflinchingly and See Meat’: RSM


Human Rights Imperialism: Leftist Satire or Moral Collapse?: Zombie
How GE Is Arming China to Compete With Boeing -- and America: DailyFinance
Gov. Christie's Strange Relationship with Radical Islam: IPT

J-20: The Threat We Think it Is?: DefenseTech
Why Outreach to the Muslim World Is Always Doomed to Failure: NewsReal
China Fires the Warning Shot on US Debt: ZH

Newsday editor trains Muslims to influence media: Creeping
JW Files Taxpayer Lawsuit against MD College--Unlawfully Giving Illegal Aliens In-State Tuition Benefits: JW
J Street Backs Effort to Condemn Israel at the UN: Tobin


Google readies Groupon competitor: CNet
Google: Spam Really Has Increased Lately. We’re Fixing That, And Content Farms Are Next: TechCrunch
Microsoft VP creates perfume that smells of money: CNet


Obama Robber At Large – Hunted In Austria: SHN
Calling All Conservatives! Help iOTW Celebrate “All Palin February”!!!!!!!: iOTW
We Report; You Decide: C&S

Image: Moe Lane
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