Sunday, January 23, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: 'Charter Schools Like Hitler, Tyrents'

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'Charter Schools Like Hitler, Tyrents Trying to Take': JWF
Gun Control Wouldn't Have Stopped Loughner: Reason
Police State: Using Your BlackBerry in IL Could be a Felony: TC

Border Patrol Reduced to Picking Up Trash: MB
What pro-choicers need to grok: Lane
The Decline of Obama's DOJ: Power Line


'I used to believe in single-payer health care': Smoke
How the States Can Help Repeal Obamacare: Foundry
Wal-Mart In Unions' Cross Hairs: IBD

Time to Phase Out All Student Loans: Mish
Comparing apples and oranges: federal projects old and new: BWR
Repealing the MI Business Tax -- in a 12 Word Bill: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Dem Pols Obstruct Investigation of Global Warming Fraud: MB
OCR Demands GOP Investigate Global Warming Fraud: RWN
Yes, Virginia, A Climate Cover-Up: IBD

Will Obama Push Climate Alarmism During State Of The Union?: RWN
New Record Low Temperatures In Northern Minnesota… -46°: GWP
Eco-Nuts Torture California Businesses -- a Butterfly May Stop Power Plant Construction: RWN


The Advocate For A Guaranteed Income Wants Glenn Beck Silenced: iOTW
Bwahahahahaha!: MB
New York Times Whitewashes Marxist Revolutionary Frances Fox Piven: AmPower

Where Does MSNBC Go From Here?: Driscoll
The Left's Tucson Strategy: Stage Two: Power Line
Far Left Activist Tries to Slash Governor's Throat: Media Silent: GWP

The Decline and Fall of Lizardopolis: RSM
Washington Post Promotes Sarah Palin Boycott Campaign Via Twitter: SHN
Violent Imagery in America, Part XI: Climate of Hate


Is the Leftist Media ‘Fair and Balanced’ on Christian Persecution?: PJM
Why Does The U.S. Still Give China Aid?: IBD
Congress to Press Obama on Religious Persecution: Timmerman

Saudis Gave Obamas $300,000 in Gifts in 2009: Rosett
A Schoolgirl's Testimony: 'Asians' Threaten Kids With Violence and Rape Outside School: Atlas
Like A Foolish Man Who Built His House On Sand: Dubai World Is Sinking: SHN

Pakistan: Christians converting to Islam out of fear for their safety: JihadWatch
'Strong Case' to Break Up U.K. Banks: WSJ
Ireland’s Titanic Bailout at Risk, Iceland looms ahead: ZH


Apple’s First Verizon iPhone Commercial Also Touts AT&T: 'Two Is Better Than One': TC
Apple App Store reaches 10 billion downloads: CNet
After Failing To Buy Groupon, Google To Launch A Competing Service: Consumerist


Wounded Marine, 1st Lieutenant Clebe McClary, ‘Too Evangelical’ For Air Force Academy PRAYER Luncheon: SHN
Beatle McCartney Arrested for Murder: iOTW
What Should Brett Favre Do?: iOTW

Step Away From the Doritos, Fatty!: MOTUS
Breaking: FOX News Hires Olbermann: GWP
Fake JFK Ambulance Sells For $120,000: Jalopnik

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Sad Hill said...

Thank you Doug Ross and Larwyn's Linx, re: "Wounded Marine, 1st Lieutenant Clebe McClary, ‘Too Evangelical’ For Air Force Academy PRAYER Luncheon" article.

God bless.