Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Pals, the Chinese

Have you noticed that when President Obama goes off his prepared remarks, things get decidedly... bizarre? The CINC's press conference with China's President Hu was just such an event. His prepared remarks, delivered courtesy of TOTUS, were measured and reasonable. But once off-the-cuff questions were entertained from the press, things got downright weird:

China’s rise is potentially good for the world. To the extent that China is functioning as a responsible actor on the world stage, to the extent that we have a partner in ensuring that weapons of mass destruction don’t fall into the hands of terrorists or rogue states, to the extent that we have a partner in dealing with regional hotspots, to the extent that we have a partner in addressing issues like climate change or a pandemic, to the extent that we have a partner who is helping poorer countries in Asia or in Africa further develop so that they, too, can be part of the world economy — that is something that can help create stability and order and prosperity around the world. And that’s the kind of partnership that we’d like to see.

And it’s more likely to come — if China feels secure and itself is doing well economically, they’re more likely to be an effective partner with us on the world stage.

In short, a despotic regime -- that enslaves huge portions of its population, crushes the practice of religions, emits monstrous amounts of pollution, and is dramatically expanding its military reach and power with the United States as its obvious, ultimate aim -- is "good for the world".

In the mean time, the Obama White House is doing its best to weaken our country, following the game-plan of the Clinton administration. While leaf-blowing trillions of dollars on every social program imaginable, it has slashed NASA's budget, drastically cut the defense budget, and restricted access to our own energy supplies for reasons bordering on the suicidal.

What is China doing? Gee, let's check:

Locking up energy supplies around the world, while Democrats strangle America's lifeblood.

But they're doing it -- they tell us -- for the children.

As for the bag our children will be left holding by this destructive crew? I'll leave the contents of it up to your imagination.

Hat tip: Tyler Durden.

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cali said...

Has the current occupant of the White house given China the rights to drill for Oil in our country yet?
Or does that depend on the re-election campain contribution for 2012.
There got to be a reason that he saves Americas resources for someone, right? Right?