Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: State of the Obama 'Remaking America' Revolution

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State of the Obama 'Remaking America' Revolution: AT
The Most Offensive Line in the State of the Union: Patterico
The Bachmann Speech: RedState

Private Citizens Fight Voter Fraud: Adams
Hard choices cannot wait another year: Coburn
Obama: In 5 years, you'll be blown away!: BlogProf

Regulations and Rhetoric: Blankley
A State of the Union response or a 2012 match-up?: JRubin
Obama Adviser Plouffe: Obama Will Address Gun Control: RCP


The state of the union is weak, and getting weaker: Blumer
Obama’s Sputter-nik moment: Cash for Education Clunkers: Malkin
The mother of all Big Dig boondoggles: Malkin

One of Obama’s Biggest Donors Now His 'Economics Adviser': RWN
Unions Bullying Employers With Help From NLRB: Lonely
GE Pays Tax Rate of 4%; Wal-Mart... 34%: Minyanville

Climate & Energy

EPA ruling means most foods and drinks are polluted: Aces
Browner out at the White House – Hansen bites back: WUWT
Van Jones: Environmentalism is Really All About Social Justice: BigGovt


You blew your Sputnik moment, Barry: Surber
Obama now praises Reagan after bashing his 'dirty deeds' in '95: York
Devastating… Frank Luntz Focus Group Dumps On Obama’s SOTU Address: GWP

The Right Side Of The Blogosphere’s Reaction To Obama’s State Of The Union Speech: RWN
More Gosnell victims come forward with horror stories: Pundette
SOTU FU: CBullitt (Language warning)

Nino Wows 'Em: LegalIns
SOTU 2011, Deconstructed: Hayride
Rep. Broun to Obama: 'You believe in socialism': Hill


Coexist? I don’t think so: HillBuzz
A New Diaspora--Jews Leaving Europe: Commentarama
Ban Ki Moon is letting the Israel-bashers of the Human Rights Council make the UN look bad: NYDN

Ethiopian Muslims warn Christians to convert, leave city or face death: JihadWatch
Sharia is Coming!: CJ
The Real Disconnect in the Peace Process: JPC

Moscow's Silent War Explodes: StrategyPage
Case Closed: Power Line
It's (Semi) Official: Egyptian President's Son And Family Have Fled To The UK: ZH


Verizon's iPhone hot spot to cost $20 a month: CNet
RIM: Playbook Could Sell 6M Units First 12 Months: Barron's
Yahoo Is Firing Again, While Google is Hiring More Than Ever: TechCrunch


Cops Probe IHOP Melee Caught On Tape: TSG
Movie: For Overseas Distribution ‘Captain America’ Won’t Be Captain America: RWN
Time Lapse: C&S

Image: People's Cube
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QOTD: "[Governor Jerry] Brown took office amidst a mess – but one in large measure the handiwork of the government unions that put him in office. His budget plan doesn't go far enough to stop California's slouch to insolvency. The further cuts will send union members into the streets, earning Brown their hostility but with not offsetting credit with voters. Jerry Brown will never be re-elected if he allows California to become even a shadow of Greece. He is doomed unless he breaks the power of the government unions.

In 2012, the budget will still be in the red. Overregulation and overtaxation will keep the economy feeble, unemployment high and state revenue down. Public perception of government employee unions is at an all-time low. States like Mississippi and Wisconsin are demolishing the myth of Brown's "green economy" by using tax incentives to lure solar manufacturing and jobs out of California. There will be no Arnold Schwarzenegger to tarnish the GOP brand. The lowered threshold for budget approval allows the Democratic majorities in the Legislature to enact radioactive budgets without a single Republican vote. Brown and the Democrats will be solely responsible for the state of the state." -- Shawn Steel

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