Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Hijacking a Massacre

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Giffords Shooting

Hijacking a Massacre: LegalIns
Idiot Threat-monger Pleads for Civility: WashExam
The Sixties Were Violent, Not Today: Simon

Obama Calls Dupnik: Hey, Thanks For Being Such a Help!: Ace
The Man Who Thought He Could Fly: JPA
Bernie Sanders: Mixing Fundraising and Tragedy: Politico

The Worst Sheriff In America: Malkin
Incitement to Tyranny: AT (Shiver)
Twitter Wants Me Dead: Verum Serum


Pawlenty--not man enough to be President: Instapundit
A Candidate for RNC Chair and His Anti-Constitutional Ideas: Adams
Peter King's 2nd Amendment-Sabotaging Chicken Little Bill: Malkin


Lower wages for workers who lost jobs: CalcRisk
The Delusional Harry Reid: 'Social Security is Fine': IBD
Job Openings Down for 3rd Time in 4 Months: Bloomberg

Kerry: It's the Pork That Binds Us: Malkin (Powers)
Will the Last Person to Leave Illinois Please Turn Off the Lights?: Cato
Illinois Passes 66 Percent Income Tax Increase: Fox

Climate & Energy

Treehugger: Can We Now Tone Down The Anti-AGW Rhetoric?: RWN
Oil Spill Antidote: More Federal Bureaucracy: IBD
Good News: Ford Hires Eco-tard Ed Begley as Spokesman: BlogProf


The Media Has Declared... WAR!: AT
Arizona Republic to Sheriff Dupnik: Shut Up and Remember Your Duty: Instapundit
Media Guide for the Journalistically Challenged: BigJourn

Want to See Some Hate From America's Leftist Democrats?: RWN
The Real Victim Is Always David Frum: Clouthier
Republican President Obama’s Calls for Violence Have Horrific Consequences: Virtuous

'Paul Krugman, Buffoon': Instapundit
And Speaking Of Krugman And Double Standards At The Times...: JOM
The Politicized Mind: Brooks


Amateur Hour In The White House: Obama Ticks Off The Brits: RWN
The Rape Victim as Criminal: GoV
Violence Over Surging Food Prices In Algeria Spreads As Rioting Leaves Many Dead In Neighboring Tunisia: ZH


Hands on: BlackBerry Playbook review: TechRadar
The Hottest New Technologies of 2011: Forbes
Jared Lee Loughner’s online handle was likely Erad3: FAM


Paul McCartney arrested for Sharon Tate murders: Doswell
The Sarkozys Come Calling. Please Bring Dom.: MOTUS
People Of Georgia Freak Out Over Snow, Empty Walmart Shelves: Consumerist

Image: Ramirez, via iOwnTheWorld
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Doug Powers
QOTD: "The problem is not the cultural triggers. The problem is the mental illness. Like nearly every other culture on Earth, our culture expresses plentiful imagery and words concerning metaphors of weaponry, hunting, conflict, and war, and 99% of this does not come from politics. It comes from everyone’s daily life.

The despicable thing here was seizing upon a tiny insignificant corner of this vast and widespread cultural reality, based on a cyncial desire to create an association between a horrific event and designated political opponents. This was done almost instantly, from many directions, in advance of any facts whatsoever. This false claim was to some extent premeditated. The Democrats and the media were locked and loaded, by the admission of some of their own just waiting for something like this. They seek to undo the collapse of their statist program by creating a right-wing bogeyman. It won’t work. I predict this absurd attempt at slander will actually hasten the collapse. Too many people see the falsehood and cynicism. Too many people realize that when this desperate and defeated political movement talks about its enemies, it is actually talking about THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES." -- 'Wm. T. Sherman', a Commenter at Flopping Aces

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