Sunday, January 16, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats Cringe as Russian Immigrants Compare Communism to... Democrats

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Dems cringe as immigrants compare Communism to--them: RedState
Even the Dye Jobs are Staged: GWP
To Unite the Country, Unite Congress: JOM

Tucson Shooting Victim Charged With Death Threat: Malkin
Clarice's Pieces: Another Memo from Leni Riefenstahl: AT
The Tucson Massacre's Hall of Shame: Newsreal

Tucson Theme was Recycled Obama Campaign Slogan: EIB
Rethinking Obama's political performance in Tucson: York
The Post-Tucson Era: Hanson


How the House GOP can Win a Showdown: Hewitt
Radicals in Planning Stages of Massive U.S. Protests: TH
Did George Soros threaten to kill Glenn Beck?: Dollard

The State Of The Economy: Wolf Howling
Deficit-Inspired National Strategy: AT
Nanny State Shuts Down Homeless Outreach Center: BlogProf

Climate & Energy

The Next Obama Disaster: Power Line
Oh, Noes! Climate Change Could Have Helped The Roman Empire Fall!: RWN
Anti-Energy Left Comes Unglued as ‘Green Economy’ Claims Collapse: BigGovt


Kudos to NYT's Charles Blow: blasts Left for insane 'witch hunt' after Tucson shooting: Hot Air
Curiously, media didn't notice that it uses the term 'blood libel' all the time: NRO
A Letter to Sheriff Dupnik (WARNING Reichwing Hatespeach): Cube

I Guess Bill Ayers Turned the WaPo Down, Huh?: Driscoll
The Times Loses It: O'Rourke
Chris Van Hollen is a Hypocrite and the Media Has Given Him a Complete Pass: Verum Serum

The Violent Fantasies of the Progressive Left: RWN In The Left Ditch, Wheels Spinning: Hewitt
NARAL Hearts Janet Napolitano: Malkin (Powers)


The Roster of the Silenced: GoV
Fidel Castro on the ‘Fascist’ Tea Party and Obama: BigPeace
Irony: Extreme Ground Zero Mosque Imam coming to Detroit to “battle religious extremism”: RWN


The future Nemesis from space: Behind The Black
Quadrocopters learn to build things, when will humans learn to fear them?: Engadget
Stuxnet: It's Bush's Fault!: AT


The Zodiac Killer Strikes Again: MOTUS
TSA [eh, the Taxpayer] Pays Off In Breast Exposure Suit: TSG
Sledding Police Debut In Raynham, MA: Support Your Local Gunfighter

True Grit and the Law: Volokh
Top 10 video games of December and full year 2010: LAT
What Car Did You Spend the Most Time in Growing Up?: Jalopnik

Image: Adapted from 'On America’s oldest residential streets, the foreclosure crisis hits home'
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QOTD: "Every time you fill up your car this winter you are participating in the biggest taxpayer swindle in history. Forcing consumers to use domestically produced ethanol is one of the single biggest boondoggles ever committed by the corrupt brainless twits in Washington DC. Ethanol prices have soared 30% in the last year as the supplies of corn have plunged. Only a policy created in Washington DC could drive up the prices of gasoline and food, with the added benefits of costing the American taxpayer billions in tax subsidies and killing people in 3rd world countries." -- Jim Quinn

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