Saturday, January 15, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Blame Righty--A condensed history

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Blame Righty--A condensed history: Malkin
GOP Push To Repeal ObamaCare Will Resume Next Week: RWN
'Together We Thrive' Slogan Recycled from Obama Campaign: WZ

GOP Men and Selling out Sarah: TrueNorth
GOP gears up again to strip NPR of federal funds: York
Rev. Obama's Revival Meeting: AT

Democrat Diversion Strategy Succeeds Again: AT
Priebus's First Presser a Stark Contrast With Steele's: AmSpec
Cartoon of the Day: Surber


Economic Freedom Is Foundation Of All Other Freedoms: Foundry
Comprehensive List of Tax Hikes in Obamacare: ATR
Report: Near Failure of Citigroup in 2008: CalcRisk

Obama's War on For-Profit Schools: Shady Dealings: BigGovt
CBS Poll: 77% of Americans are Extremist Teabaggers: JWF
Not Like They Needed the Money or Anything: Malkin (Powers)

Climate & Energy

Obama's oil commission report: "about ideology and politics as much as it about facts": Wizbang
How Much of Your Money Is Wasted on ‘Climate Change’? Try $10.6 Million a Day: PJM
Fish Wrap: Military Needs to Go Green To Save Lives: RWN


Patterico Calls For #Unity After Obama Speech: Riehl
Slate Plays Fast and Loose With the Facts: RWN
If it's not Palin's freedom fetish...: ProWis

Harvard's Jill Lepore Ties Jared Loughner to Tea Party 'Constitution Worship': AmPower
And The Award For Most Hypocritical "Blood Libel" Critic Goes To ...: LegalIns
Civility: Operation First Casualty--Anti-war protest and street theater: Zombie (2008)

Loughner Dream Media Demands GOP Apologize For Its Horrible Invective: Ace
Retraction Request: ‘Extremist Rhetoric’ Foe David Frum Caught in Lie Smearing Breitbart: BigJourn
Bill Maher: Because We Don't Have Government Healthcare Is Why a Crazy Person Gets a Gun: NewsBusters

Genius Filmmaker Spike Lee: America Most Violent Country in History: RWN
Joe Scarborough: Sarah Palin’s Political Career Is Over: OTB
Ron Reagan Hits Rock Bottom: Ace


Pakistani Muslims protest, burn effigy of Pope, after he called out their anti-Christian actions: Cubachi
Vatican to America: ‘Social Justice’ is About Relationships, Not Socialism: NewsReal
Muslims from Canada training in Pakistan for jihad: JihadWatch

Why Russia Is No Friend of America: AT
Afghan education minister says Taliban drops opposition to girls' education: JihadWatch
Japan's Finances "Approach Edge of Cliff", Prime Minister Calls For Sales Tax Hike: Mish


Curation is the New Search is the New Curation: Kedrosky
Ask Maggie: On Verizon iPhone vs. Droids: CNet
Report: Future iPad, iPhone to have Qualcomm chips: CNet


Employee: Borders Making Us Push Gift Cards That May Be Worthless If Company Goes Under: Consumerist
3 Minutes: Wired
A professor that would never be hired at contemporary American universities: ProWis

Image: Adapted from AP via CTV Canada.
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QOTD: "...downstate businesses are expected to pay for "the Chicago political machine" that is "destroying not only Chicago and Cook County, but the economy of the entire state of Illinois. The machine carefully takes care of their political cronies at the expense of the Illinois taxpayer. Their arrogance, greed and corruption leave the people of Illinois with high income taxes, high property taxes and high unemployment.'" -- Quincy News

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Zilla said...

Great round up, as always, Doug. I am saddened to learn that Borders is in trouble, I like my local Borders much better than my local Barnes & Noble and will miss it if it goes. I had to wait many years after I moved to where I now live before they finally put one here, and I will pout if it goes away.