Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obama, Hillary, and the 796

The 2012 Democrat presidential nomination could be contentious this year. After the historic midterm beatdown suffered by the Party of Soros, things could get decidedly nerve-wracking for the Obama camp. In fact, the nomination process could come down to the votes of 796 "superdelegates" -- party insiders that retain a huge amount of influence (double that of the entire state of California). And after the 2010 thrashing, rumors are circulating that credible challengers -- perhaps including one Hillary Rodham Clinton -- could emerge to challenge Obama from the center. Heaven knows, there's a big freaking opening.

Which leads us to this trailer, courtesy of Biff Spackle's production company.

(Wind and thunder echoes in the background) 796

King Leonobama... riders from the Clinton camp are approaching...

Ickes... McCauliffe... and... Bill Clinton himself!?! W.T.F.??

You should have accepted the VP slot in 2008, my friend. Look where you've gotten us.

Where I've gotten us? I've accomplished more of Lenin's agenda in two years than you and Her Royal Thighness got done in eight! Socialized medicine... a takeover of two auto companies, the student loan business and the banks... the EPA shutting down energy supplies left and ri--

What you speak of is madness! This election debacle was historic all right... Hillary has aligned 80% of the big Democrat donors against you. You can step down gracefully -- say, for "health reasons" -- or you can face defeat on the field of the primaries.

I... am... Obama!!!

First... black... president... MY ASS!

Hillary's forces approach. Gather our soldiers and hide the women and children.

Sir! They have unleashed their legacy media archers! Their arrows blot out the sky!

Raise shields!

All is not lost. We still have our Axelrods! Obamans, attack!

Destroy them all -- but capture Chelsea if she's among them!

Aiiieeeeghghgh!! Barney Frank is watching!

Sir, we have vanquished the first wave of attackers!

Do not rest, my little sycophant. Look yonder... there approaches Hillary's elite phalanx of warriors!

No! Not them! The warriors of Mena, Whitewater and Roselaw... their very darkest forces gather... the most dangerous that the Clintons possess!

It can't be!! Not Begala and Carville! The most powerful enemies of all! Clinton backers disguised as "independent", mainstream media...

This is truly the end. We have no way to compete! Tonight... we dine... in hell!

Go tell George Soros, stranger passing by: that here, obedient to his will, we lie.

796. Resistance is futile.

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