Thursday, January 20, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Cut spending before lifting debt ceiling

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Cut spending before lifting debt ceiling: Tapscott
Paul Ryan slices and dices Obamacare: RedState
Prosecutors put a lid on Dupnik: Malkin

The Hate Speech Inquisition: Malkin
Herman Cain: We must defund racist Planned Parenthood: Cubachi
Dems push Obama for stricter gun laws: WZ

House Passes ObamaCare Repeal 245-189: SHN
4 Reasons the Repeal Vote Isn’t Just Symbolic: RWN
The Crown Jewel of Socialism: GWP


How to cut $2.5 trillion in federal spending by 2021: DeMint
Obama Administration: Trading Away Our Secrets: IBD
Socialism And Speaking Spanish Via FCC Decree: RWN

Report Card on Obama's First Two Years: AT
'Americans love Obamacare because it reduces bureaucracy': WZ
Granholm 5 years ago: 'In 5 years, you'll be blown away!': BlogProf

Climate & Energy

Green Follies Escalate in the Face of Failure: AT
The Assault on Drilling Is Onshore, Too: Foundry
Liberals Who Hate Profits but Profit from 'Green Jobs': AT


We Just Witnessed The Media's Test Run To Re-Elect Barack Obama: LegalIns
John Lewis pleads: “We want you racists back!”: Aces
The War Against Palin Goes On and On and …: Hanson

Civility Watch: Nazis and crosshairs and killers, oh my: Malkin
Mud Libel: Coulter
How to Appeal to Hispanics: DON’T!: PJM


In Norway, an Awakening to the Islamist Danger: PJM
National Archives Ordered to Show “Iranium”: GoV
Canadian Cabinet Minister Stands Up to Iran: AmSpec

Mission Accomplished: Hu’s the Boss: RWN
Harry Reid Tells the Truth, Quickly Recants: Malkin
Irony in The Mideast: First They Came For The Christians…: BigPeace

Flying the Terrorist Flag in Washington: AT
Gaza Defender Hired To Teach Middle East At Brooklyn College: Kesler
Why China's Currency Isn't America's Biggest Problem: AtlanticWire


AT&T Making Text Messaging Cheaper As Free Text Messaging Apps Get More Popular: Insider
Google's Niels Provos battles malware on the Web: CNet
Researchers turn USB cable into attack tool: CNet


Obamas have Chinese for dinner: Diogenes
Parasites, Two Ways: MOTUS
Teen Thieves Snorted Cremated Remains -- thought they were cocaine or heroin: TSG

Hawaii Governor Unveils Obama’s Birth Certificate: SHN
The Joys of Socialism: WZ
The Best Hand Dancing Yet: Dale's Designs

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