Friday, September 03, 2010

Incredible: after weeks of careful analysis, using stuff like charts and graphs, I just spotted evidence of the Summer o' Recovery™!

Calculated Risk always has some of the best graphs around. Its latest charts, focused on unemployment trends, offered ample opportunity for study by yours truly. First, the raw graphs:

The red line represents the percent of the civilian workforce that has been unemployed for half-a-year or more.

This chart represents the percent of jobs lost since peak employment was reached. The dashed line is supposed to compensate for Bureau of Census "make-work" jobs.

Now, let's examine these charts using an electron microscope.

Check it out: I tagged the Summer o' Recovery! They're celebrating in the tent cities!

Now, let's review the change in employment from peak employment. This should be rising and... oh. Hmmm. Oops.

My bad.

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