Sunday, September 12, 2010

When Public Sector Unions Attack: 'Left-Wing Terrorism Surges In Europe, As Governments Dismantle Social Safety Net'

If Europe is any indicator, the demise of the left's unsustainable, Utopian welfare state won't come without significant pain.

Spain, Greece and Italy reported a total of 40 attacks by left-wing and anarchist groups for 2009... This constitutes an increase of 43% compared to 2008; the number of attacks more than doubled since 2007.

As in previous years, most attacks were carried out successfully and mainly targeted government and business interests. The majority of these attacks were arsons, reported by Spain, and caused only property damage.

The percentage of IED attacks decreased from 43 % in 2008 to 20 % in 2009; the majority of these bombings occurred in Greece. In Greece, six left-wing terrorist organisations carried out a total of 15 attacks in 2009.

In Greece -- and much of Europe -- unsustainable public sector union wages and benefits will have to be cut. These vaunted "austerity measures" come decades late; but that hasn't stopped public sector union bosses from fighting the laws of economic physics.

Hundreds rioted in Athens yesterday, throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at police, who responded with tear gas at a May Day rally against austerity measures being enacted by the cash-strapped government to secure foreign loans to stave off bankruptcy...

Responding to calls from the country’s two main labor unions, several thousand people marched in major Greek cities against the anticipated spending cuts and consumer tax hikes.

In Athens, groups of black-clad anarchists in hoods and motorcycle helmets smashed three shop and hotel windows and set up barricades of burning trash bins. Around 17,000 people took part in the march, according to police estimates.

The social safety nets here in the United States will have to be cut as well. The federal government's own actuaries and planners have warned us for decades that the massive entitlement programs are melting down.

And what does the modern Democrat leadership do? They ladle on new entitlements, new 'Stimulus' programs and new deficit spending -- all of which can legitimately be called child abuse.

Rather than leaving our children and grandchildren federal inheritances, Democrats have instead left them immense mortgage payments.

As Europe melts down, alarm klaxons in Washington are going off, unheeded by the Obama Democrats. If we don't start turning this around in November, the results could be very ugly indeed.

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Anonymous said...

As a retired police officer who believes in the right to protest PEACEFULLY I would have liked to see the man with the stick catch a round in his head. Protest fine. Strike the police or destroy property and you run the risk of getting shot.

Simple rule that even anarchists can follow.