Sunday, January 09, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Two Sicknesses On Display in Arizona

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Giffords Shooting

Two Sicknesses On Display in Arizona: LegalIns
Six Innocents: the Murder Victims Identified: Malkin
Memo to Krugman and Van Hollen: Results of My Search: Verum

AZ Shooter Seen as 'Desperately Needing Mental Health Care': RSM
Horror: Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shot at Tuscon event: Malkin
Second Suspect Sought in Tucson Shooting: RWN


How Many Czars Are There?: Mish
Reid: Obamacare 'Is Not Going to Be Repealed': CNS
Lunatic Fred Phelps to Picket Dead Child’s Funeral: Patterico


Tax-payers versus Tax-eaters: Hyscience
Democrat Utopia of IL: Prepare for a 75% income-tax increase: IBD
Detroit Public Schools Laptop Stimulus: BlogProf

Five Programs the GOP Can Cut Today: RWN
Fed Governor Says Fed Will Create 3M Jobs by 2012?: Mish
ObamaCare's Reality Deficit: WSJ

Climate & Energy

Deep-Water Drilling Permits Down 88% in Gulf Since Obama Lifted Moratorium: Foundry


Seizing on Tragedy: Instapundit
Kos Blames Palin for Giffords Shooting — But There’s Just One Problem: Kos Put a Bulls Eye on Giffords: Patterico
Buck Up and Stop Obamacare: Wolf

Paul Krugman Blames Giffords Shooting on Palin, Limbaugh and Beck: NewsBusters
A Tragedy and Politics on the Hudson: Wolf Howling
Was Shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Political?: Atlantic Wire

Even as Arizona Shooting Unfolded, Media Rushed to Blame Tea Party and Sarah Palin: RWN
Progressives and the 'Bad Stuff' in the Constitution: AT
The Best Line from Gov. Walker's Inauguration Speech: RWN


Sarkozy warns Christians in Middle East are victims of ‘religious cleansing’: Cubachi
The Iranian War of All vs. All: Ledeen
Egyptian Muslims Attend Coptic Christmas Mass, Hoping to Deter Violent Attacks by Muslim Extremists: Volokh

Stopping the Euro Contagion?: Mish
The Constitution and Slavery: AT
Failed Narco State Watch--15 of 28 Bodies Are Beheaded in Acapulco Assaults: Jawa


Be Scientific (Skeptical) about Scientific Research: AT
Verizon Finally Lands the iPhone: WSJ
Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon racer rendered by reader: Autoblog


A Small Beer Is Really A Large Beer At Qwest Field, And Vice Versa: Consumerist
Mom and the TSA: JPA
A Conversation With My Father : Zilla

Egypt To NYC: Conserve Cleopatra’s Needle or We’re Taking it Back: WZ
Save This Tweet For Use In Political Emergency: LegalIns
Still Fascinating: iOTW

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