Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly-Beltway-Cocktail-Circuit-Standard Publishes Al Qaqaa-style Hit-Piece on Christine O'Donnell That Alleges She... Once Sued Someone

The most incompetent state Republican apparatus in the nation is Delaware's GOP, which reportedly conspired with Democrat insiders to let Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Beau Biden, run unopposed for Attorney General.

Further, the Delaware GOP has gone so far as to partner with Mike Castle's campaign, filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that alleges Tea Party conservatives illegally colluded with Christine O'Donnell in the Senate Primary.

Well, that should engender lots of grass-roots support.

Now Mike Castle's Beltway cocktail buddies at The Weekly Standard have pulled The New York Times' old Al-Qaqaa trick: publishing a lengthy, seemingly "scathing" assault on Christine O'Donnell that contains two allegations:

• O'Donnell once sued an ex-employer for gender discrimination.

• O'Donnell is said to have claimed she took classes at Princeton.


Now, I'll tell you what Christine O'Donnell didn't do:

She didn't vote for the DISCLOSE Act, the goal of which is to suppress free speech by conservatives, while leaving unions and other Democrat support groups unscathed.

She didn't vote with the most liberal Democrats over the issue of guns and earn an F from the NRA.

She didn't vote with Barack Obama 60% of the time including for Cap-and-Trade.

No, Christine O'Donnell didn't do any of those things. Rep. Mike Castle (R-INO) -- who The Weekly Standard calls a "moderate" -- did.

If by "moderate", they mean that Castle doesn't believe in the Bill of Rights' First, Second or Tenth Amendments then, yes, Castle is a moderate.

The Weekly Standard really hurts its credibility and reputation with tripe like this. As Erick Erickson tweeted earlier, "Sorry folks, but if we need Mike Castle for a Senate majority, we do not need a Senate majority."

Update: Dan Riehl: "Why No Interest In Mike Castle's Corrupt Lobbyist Problems?"

Related: Mike Castle is a staunch supporter of 'the right to choose'; should help him cope with having his political career aborted by Christine O'Donnell.


Reliapundit said...

hi doug.

i'm all for nominating the most conservative person we can every time, but i cannot find one reason why this christine lady would make a good senator.

besides claiming she's more conservative than castle - hardly difficult - what has she ever done to deserve being elected?

is she really the best the right-wing can do in delaware?

i have been very unimpressed with here everysingle time i have seen her.

please explain your support.

i know levin likes her.

but why!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

is it just castle hatred?

is she just the un-castle?

can she win in november?

please explain.

directorblue said...

Christine O'Donnell on the Issues.

Endorsed by the Tea Party conservatives, DeMint, Palin, Hannity, Levin, etc.


Reliapundit said...

endorsements don't count.

i wanna know about her.

got nothin' i guess, or you wooda said ONE THING.

directorblue said...

She aligns with me on the issues.

And because she is a citizen-politician who believes in the Constitution.

What more do you need?

Anonymous said...

"i have been very unimpressed with here everysingle time i have seen her."

In other words, the rest of us must succumb to the professional looter and pillager because you are dissatisfied with your unhappy love life.

"what has she ever done to deserve being elected?"

Unlike you, she got up the nerve to run against a litigious political party and a Journo-Listed mainstream media agig-propaganda machine.

You try fending off Marxist Lawyers crawling inside your private affairs while Journalistas and Talking TV Heads cannibalize your every action.

Anonymous said...

"Endorsed by the Tea Party conservatives, DeMint, Palin, Hannity, Levin, etc."

Mr. Ross?

You know I am a huge fan, but I have to disagree.

Well, you have enough sway, to make me review the Weekly Standard Piece, but the record is actually supporting the offering.

Not that Castle is good, but this offering in O'Donnell is absurd, and to discount the content, the record in Mr. McCormack's work is not reasoned.

She is a shell, another player, and has a huge problem with honesty.

All of these 'endorsements' you reference, are really questionable fashionable products. There is no basis to what Hannity is doing, and frankly, for sometime, he has blown with whatever wind comes around.

Levin just basically showed he is utterly clueless, having no regard for the truth, the facts, with Mr. Mirengoff.

It is ugly:

Palin is a fashionable politician. Her rush to embrace the MAVERICK, then to the TEA PARTY EXPRESS, etc., is so obvious. Every time we see her in interviews, her own voice, we see a substantial failure in substance. It is all image and fashion.

And Ms. O'Donnell is being endorsed not neccessarily by Tea Party Conservatives, but the TEA PARTY EXPRESS!

OH my, this was a PAC product from "America Deserves Better" - repackaged with financed Buses, to adopt the genuine grass roots Movement of the fine Tea Party Protests.

I agree with Reliapundit. I am all for nominating better candidates. But like Hannity's disastrous Minute Men flop, his obsession with the Schiavo Case, his embrace of Bill Maher to play a game, his recent offering of charging a FEE for the Iraqi People for their liberation, Mr. Hannity is a wealth of poor decision making.

LEVIN was the worst after 2004, screaming at fine Conservatives calling his show, debasing his own interests and OURS repeatedly, only to say at the very last minute "you have to vote Republican". It all was like watching a drunk teenager.

A movement built on pure clay, is going to sink like a rock. And this is creating enemies in needless fashion - including the probability of a disastrous 'write in' candidate in Ms. Murkowski. Frankly, after the way she was treated by the TEA PARTY EXPRESS, Miller and the Palin Family, I wouldn't blame her.

Either we get a different candidate in Delaware who actually knows the truth - and can be honest, has a serious record for Senator position to replace the hapless Castle, or the entire Primary becomes another entertaining failure.

McCormack's piece even tells us, ironically like the fraud named Huckabee, O'Donnell cannot even be honest about her own education!

It is a mess...


directorblue said...


I appreciate the thoughtful remarks.

All candidates are flawed and perhaps O'Donnell is just as flawed as most.

But in my estimation, these candidates are sent to Washington primarily to act as proxies for us.

Mike Castle's vote for the DISCLOSE Act -- as fundamental an assault on the First Amendment as one could imagine -- instantly disqualifies him as a proxy.

As for honesty: Castle has somehow amassed quite a large fortune as a public servant.

That seems to trouble no one.

The last line of my article, a quote from E. Erickson, says it all.

l said...

It looks to me like we have a bunch of career politicians in Washington who are not voting the way the people back home want them to, while making them selves very rich in the process. I see no reason to encourage that. Is Christine O'Donnell the best available? She is there and working to defeat Castle. If others are better, where are they?

Reliapundit said...

the fact no one can name one reason to vote for her but only against castle tells me she sux.

l said...

Director Blue says it all for me.

"She aligns with me on the issues."

"And because she is a citizen-politician who believes in the Constitution."

"What more do you need?"

IMO, any politician who believes in the Constitution is preferable to one who does not. One can not vote for bills such as the DISCLOSE act and believe in the Constitution.

Reliapundit said...


that's fine if her SAYING she agrees with you is enough for you, but it isn't enough for many people.

especially with the senate takeover in the balance.

chairmanships. subpoenas. and so on.

if she can;t handle the "vast rino conspiracy" then how will she handle the dems/msm?

i saw her on cavuto - who tossed her soft balls, and she came off like a third grader.


in the election contest she will likely collapse and destroy our chances at a gop majority in the senate.

directorblue said...

@Relia and @Brooklyn,

Mark Levin responds to Power Line here:

directorblue said...

Link this time.

Reliapundit said...

mirengoff and levin aint the issue.

the issue is:

is she electable?

is she qualified?

no one ha=s convinced me of either.

armey aint convinced either.

directorblue said...

@Relia -

I've read Castle's background and he's been on the public dole since '66. And done nothing but undermine the cause of freedom while there.

What qualifications does he have -- esp. as a career politician with a left-wing bent?

Reliapundit said...