Friday, September 03, 2010

Consumer Metrics Institute: Economy Is Like Michael Moore Bungee-Jumping Off the Golden Gate Bridge Without the Bungee Cord Part

So, the ConsumerIndexes people emailed me earlier today asking for help. They were like: "Dude, what do we do? The economy is melting down!"

So I was like, "Dudes. I'm just a blogger. Show me the charts."

So after checking out this disastrous chart, I said, like, dudes: This is crazy.

The economy is in freefall.

And they were like, yeah, we know. So I was like, maybe we should elect some people who know what they're doing in November.

And they were like, yo, that's some righteous G-2 you're layin' down.

So I closed the chat window. And posted this. To lay down some G-2 to my peeps.

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Brooklyn said...

And yet, Obama and the Democrats continue to lie...

I will never forget how the Clintons tried to do all these foolish Democratic Partisan LEFTIST nonsense after telling us in the Campaign for the OFFICE, they were really centrists - 'big gov era' being over.

They rushed in to give us a massive tax increase, tried to Nationalize Health Care, began to exploit HUD - Fannie - Freddie - DOJ to push a sharing of the US Taxpayer funds, etc.

They lied...

Without Republicans taking the HOUSE, we would have all been severely damaged, just as we see today.

This is a massive return to the Carter Malaise. Democrats provided the same failure on the State and Local level everywhere they go. MI, LA, NJ, CA, NY, etc., are all prime examples, that the Democratic Party is corrupt and clueless.

YET, Americans still vote for their folly?

IF we don't learn after this mess, well, we really don't deserve such a great Country.

Time to say, enough is enough, time to put aside those fantasies about the two Parties being the same, time to never allow Democratic Partisans to have such influence and power ever again.