Friday, September 10, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: 'Like a Dog'--The Origins of Barack Obama’s Petulance

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'Like a Dog'--The Origins of Barack Obama’s Petulance: Hanson
Hillary Clinton's Campaign for '12 Is Underway: AT
It's really, really close in the race to replace the Grand Cyclops: Ace

Obama in Ohio--Same Old Demagogue: Pundette
Mike Castle Wimps Out: LegalIns
Joe Miller Formally Wins Alaska Primary: Con4Palin


George Soros Spending $45M to Sabotage America's Judiciary: Malkin
Growing our way to solvency: PJM
Edujobs: Insult to Injury: Greenroom

ObamaCare already causing insurance price hikes: RWN
The 'Rich' Have Another Name: 'Employers': AT
Obama donors appointed to Stimulus committee: MagNote

Has Life Imitated The Onion Yet Again?: Ace
Obama's Orwellian $50B 'Infrastructure Bank': LogMon
The Student Loan Takeover: AT

Climate & Energy

The Mexican Incandescent Light Bulb Cartel: LegalIns
Family, Man!: SondraK
Mistress of Disaster Mired in BP Mess: Cashill


Gazette calls its readers racist: Surber
More Totalitarianism From THE LEFT: iOTW
HuffPo Comments o' the Day: HuffPoMonitor

Washington Post blogger duped by fake Twitter congressman, and: Blame Bush!: RWN
AP: We Will Not Distribute Photos of Burning Korans: Ace
Busting the Worst Little ACORN Lobbyist in Texas: PJM

It’s On!… Pastor Slams “Lying Imam” – Will Proceed with Koranic Incineration: GWP
And Now, An Important Message From Ezra Klein: AmericanGlob
The Grudge: Barry Soetoro's Indonesian Expatriate Hell: AT


The Ayatollah Khomeini Raped a 4-Year Old: Moonbattery
Useful Idiots: SondraK
Did Bill Clinton's Inaction Lead to 9/11?: WIBW

No, Professor Ahmed, the Founders Were Not So Fond of Islam: PJM
Drama In Gainesville, And Its Several Ruinous Effects: HayRide
Tell Me Again Why I’m Supposed To Give A Crap About Moo Ham Head?: iOTW


'Here You Have' Worm Floods E-mail Inboxes: eWeek
Fraud At Sprint Offers Lessons For Enterprises, Experts Say: Dark Reading
String Of Deals Shows Demand for Cloud-Based Authentication: Dark Reading


BigFurHat Makeover: iOTW
North Van dad-to-be's final act saves family: TheProvince
Teach me how to Dougie: Boortz

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